Why You Need A Bluesound Node 2!

We know that you have plenty of music. You have CDs, LPs & computer files. You probably stream some music too, most likely with Sonos or off your phone (ouch!). Why do you need a Node 2 for $500?

You need a Node 2 because it does something that your other gear DOESN’T do. It not only allows you to STREAM music, it allows you to DECODE MQA ENCODED tunes in full glory.


Why is MQA a big deal?

It’s a big deal because it SOUNDS CLEANER and more IMMEDIATE than hearing the same music in other formats.

The filtering of MQA has approximately 10 times less ringing than even hi-res. The music sounds more effortless, more clear, and has richer bass.

I used to drag around a 50 pound open reel deck and a pile of recording equipment. Whether recording jazz or classical music, this often Herculean effort yielded master tapes that flat out SMOKED anything you could buy commercially. Without all the STEPS involved in producing a commercial disc, that master tape was jaw droppingly better. The master tape was more IMMEDIATE, DYNAMIC and PRESENT. A chunk of that is always lost in commercial production. Listening to MQA is like listening to a master tape instead of a processed product.

Back to Node 2. For only $500 I’m twisting your arm to JUMP IN. You buy this “machine” for 5 bills, subscribe to Tidal for $20 per month, and you’re in the ball game.

We’ve sold LOADS of Node 2s and every customer who has bought one has shared discoveries from “I didn’t know it could sound so clean” to “It’s a mind blowing” improvement!”

I’ve had some resistance from customers who own multi-thousand dollar DACs. “How can
that little thing sound better than my XYZ DAC that cost $3000? No way!”

Yes, WAY! The $$$$ DAC doesn’t decode MQA. Node 2 does! The technical advantages of MQA account for the differences. It decodes a cleaner source than your DAC can.

Node 2 gets its signal via Wi-Fi, or a cable if you prefer. The sound from MQA is within spitting distance of a $5500 DAC with MQA decoder- which doesn’t do the streaming function by the way. You just run analog outs to your preamp. Node 2 does have digital out as well. The digital out passes the MQA encoded (not decoded) signal.

So let’s say you’re all excited about buying a $5k DAC some day with MQA on board. Great! No problem. Buy a Node 2 today to DIVE IN and appreciate MQA TODAY! Down the road you can run the Node 2’s digital out into your mucho expensive DAC with MQA- and do your decoding in that DAC. Will it sound ANY better than Node 2 all by itself? Uh, MAYBE. And maybe not!

My point is, buy a Node 2 now. We audiophiles always end up going crazier down the road. That’s fine. Buying Node 2 now won’t preclude you from doing just that!