What Do I Need In A Stereo Preamp?

1) Balanced & RCA Inputs & Outputs

Yep, I might run a CD player or DAC with BALANCED outs. I WILL run a power amp that has BALANCED ins for sure. I need balanced ins & outs for sure. Further, these can’t be CONVERTED. They cannot be XLR inputs without a true, dual rail balanced design in the preamp circuitry. It’s gotta be the Real McCoy, BALANCED ins and outs with BALANCED electronics in the preamp.
More than one would sure be nice. How about two sets of BALANCED ins and one set of BALANCED outs?
This preamp has to be dead quiet with all sources – a true audiophile statement piece.

2) Subwoofer Connection

I am likely to want to run a subwoofer from my preamp. But my preamp is stereo and most subs have a single RCA input. Hence it won’t fly to connect just to a LEFT or RIGHT.
My preamp needs a mono out to a sub. Well, maybe I’ll run two subs. I might need two mono outs. Or maybe I need both just to be sure.
Um, what if the sub has an XLR input option? I need my preamp to support RCA and XLR in these subwoofer out functions as well.
And, it sure would be nice if the preamp had a crossover for subwoofer control- because not all subs have them. I’d like that control to be adjustable from 50Hz up to about 250Hz, so I have ultimate flexibility in adding a subwoofer. This needs to be bypassable- because I might prefer to use the crossover in my sub. But I’m not sure, so I need this to be bypassable.

3) Phono Input

I will hook up my turntable so I need a phono input. And, not just some piece of junk. It needs to support MM and MC and be quiet in the process. I’m not sure which cartridge I will land on, so I would like some phono impedance adjustments too. And I don’t want to have to open the top of the preamp and diddle with dipswitches. I need the controls accessible easily on the back.

4) RCA Aux Input Jacks

It would be nice to have a couple sets of these. Who knows what might eventually get connected?

5) Home Theater Inputs

I doubt I’ll ever mess with a HT loop, but, just in case, it would be nice. And of course, it will have to support L, R & Sub, in RCA and XLR.

6) Detachable Power Cord

This is important. I’m a big believer in the Isotek Aquarius Mains Conditioner and the Premier Power Cable upgrade. I hear the difference and will want to incorporate the power cable upgrade.

7) Processor Loop

I don’t think I’ll add an EQ or DBX type device after all these years, but ya never know. Some smart guy might come up with some product I’ll want to loop through. So sure, a processor loop would be a nice future option.

OK Mr Wise Guy. Where are you going to find all this and a bag of chips at ANY PRICE?!

AH, right here! Emotiva XSP-1 $1200


Emotiva XSP-1

Emotiva XPS-1 back