New D Amps

While you weren’t looking, something has happened. Under the radar, very quietly, a new generation of Class D amps has sprung upon us.

What this means for our music is, we’re approaching new levels of smoothness, vying with tube sound, sans the hassles. These new amps are easy on the ears! Long listening sessions are a pleasure. The background QUIETUDE is dead silent. The reliability smokes anything with tubes. Dynamic contrast is improved. There are no audible distortion artifacts around your music!

Earlier D amps had a bit of an edge to their sound. They smelled a tad antiseptic to the ears- but were bullet proof.

What’s not to like about these super clean, dynamic integrated amps? All these amps are rated into 8 ohms & have double the horse power into 4 ohms.

Rogue Sphinx V2 $1400, 100×2

Sphinx V2 is the first integrated to step into this league. Rogue is cheating a little in that they’re including a pair of 12AU7s in the preamp stage. Sphinx is a full analog piece with nice on board MM phono preamp.

Rogue Sphinx V2 front

Rogue Sphinx V2


NAD Models

NAD C388 $1600, 150×2
NAD C368 $ 900, 80×2

NAD C338 $ 650, 50×2
All 3 of these models have on board DACs and MM phono. With distortion-less, stone quiet background, music just appears. You don’t have to push it above the haze.