GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers In Stock! $8500 Per Pair GoldenEar has begun shipping its new Triton Reference speakers. GoldenEar has made great value speakers since its inception. The T-Ref is no exception despite its up market price tag. T-Ref is larger than its brethren, of course. This allows the use of two new 6” mid-woofs […]


New $800 Theater Amp From Emotiva: 125×5 Emotiva has just introduced its A5175 power amp. It provides a solid 125×5 with all five channels driven into 8 ohms. Emo is betting that this hits the sweet spot for most buyers. It is a notch above A500 ($500, 80×5), and notch below XPA5G3 ($1600, 250×5). Hence […]


Emotiva Airmotiv Speakers! Emotiva has introduced a line of extremely affordable loudspeakers, using ribbon tweeters no less! These models do not have amplifiers on board, so don’t confuse them with the POWERED guys Emo has on its site for studio use. These models are designed for home use, surround or stereo. These speakers have very […]


GoldenEar Towers, Sans Built in Subs GoldenEar has made its name with wonderful sounding towers that have built in, powered subwoofers. They start at $2500 per pair and go up. They’re terrific speakers at good prices. A lot of visitors are surprised that GoldenEar also makes two towers that do NOT have powered subs on […]


Marantz Reference Series PM-10 Integrated Amp $8000 (200×2) Brand new is Marantz’s stunning, big boy integrated amp. I’ve always been a fan of Marantz’s Ref Series, made in its top factory in Japan. PM-10 just arrived and has pounded the high striker weight all the way to the top! Packed with TNT, PM-10 can wake […]


MQA MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is now real! As of 2-1-17, Tidal has been delivering a nice array of music in the MQA mode. You stream it for $20 per month. All you need to decode MQA is a Bluesound Node 2, $500. That’s right. For $500 you can decode MQA from Tidal NOW. There […]