Hegel H190


Hegel H190 Integrated Amp, $4000 (150×2)   Hegel has just spiffed up its mid line integrated amp. H190 has the same power as its predecessor, but now has double the damping factor. Double the damping factor means more grip. H190 can get your speakers to start and stop faster. Double the damping factor means increased […]


Bluesound Node 2, $500: MQA and CD Streamer     If you have not bought a Node 2 from us yet, you need to stop by – or order one on the phone! 414-354-5082 Bluesound is part of the NAD family. They didn’t ask my opinion but, I would have said, call it NAD Node […]


We Welcome Hegel’s New H90 Integrated Amp $2000 (60×2) 3 1/8h, 16 7.8w, 12 1/4d, 27 lbs   Hegel Audio of Oslo, Norway, brought out its H80 integrated amp ($2k) in 2013. H80 has been a defacto price class leader since its inception. Here we are four years later and H80 has been superseded by […]


New Entry On Our Site: ABC’s It’s up near the top, called ABC’s. It is a short list of my recommendations on how to assemble a dynamite system. It approaches the task from the beginning, with the Milwaukee credo of getting a dollar’s worth of performance for each dollar spent. Print it out. Highlight. Visit […]


GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers In Stock! $8500 Per Pair GoldenEar has begun shipping its new Triton Reference speakers. GoldenEar has made great value speakers since its inception. The T-Ref is no exception despite its up market price tag. T-Ref is larger than its brethren, of course. This allows the use of two new 6” mid-woofs […]


New $800 Theater Amp From Emotiva: 125×5 Emotiva has just introduced its A5175 power amp. It provides a solid 125×5 with all five channels driven into 8 ohms. Emo is betting that this hits the sweet spot for most buyers. It is a notch above A500 ($500, 80×5), and notch below XPA5G3 ($1600, 250×5). Hence […]