Outrageously Great Speakers For $3450!

Magnepan MG-1.7i speakers $2200pr.
GoldenEar SuperSub X subwoofer $1250ea

Size of Image

One of the most FUN things to enjoy when listening to music at home is to replicate an image akin to the scale of the actual event that was recorded.
You COULD actually have a grand piano, jazz trio or singer songwriter perform in your home. A wonderful hi-fi system can do a pretty convincing job at bringing that MOMENT to your living room.
Nothing casts as impressively large a soundstage for $2200 better than Magnepan MG-1.7i speakers. They’re almost six feet tall and when you hear a vocal for example, it sounds lifelike in space/dimension between the speakers and width. Virtually any box you buy at this price point will sound good, but the sheer size of image can’t be the same due to the endemic design of the box.
The mass of the Maggie diaphragm is so light that… if we extracted it from the frame and crumpled it up in a ball to put in your hand- you would barely even feel its weight. And that’s the point. You get a tremendously LARGE diaphragm of extremely low mass. It is fast, articulate and lifelike in the space it portrays.

Bass Impact

A lot of our Maggie buyers love the tight low end and have no interest in using a subwoofer. However, if you like music that has a big kick live, you’re likely to enjoy what a GoldenEar SuperSub X can add to the party.
SuperSub X delivers prodigious bass impact that will make you giggle like a little kid. Feeling the weight of a drum kit or grand piano in your living room is a blast, literally. The challenge for a subwoofer is, how to do this without booming and obfuscating the rest of the music in the process. When you hear the SuperSub X with opposing, canceling drivers and thunderous DSP controlled 1400w amp, I think you’ll feel as we do. It’s a win-win proposition- you add the muscle without losing the music.