Primeacoustic Room Treatments

As customers visit Audio Emporium for help in creating a great sounding listening room or home theater experience, we hear a common complaint. “My listening room stinks. It has a crazy amount of echo. What can I do about it?”

The problem with a room that echos is that intelligibility is diminished. We don’t want our sound to be smeared, much less irritating. We would like to hear the singer in music, or the voice of TV/film, as clearly as possible. Often the room itself is the biggest detriment to your clarity.

You can spend thousands on wonderful speakers and electronics, but until you deal with the acoustics of the room itself, you can’t over come the annoyance of a highly resonant, cacophonous mess.


Primacoustic is a Canadian company that makes a wide array of products to transform your living room or lower level from a hard surface ricochet parlor into a warm, cozy music or theater environment.
Primacoustic products work beautifully in recording studios, restaurants and board rooms too. Any room with annoying reverb is a room screaming, literally, for Primacoustic.
Laying out a room plan using all the tricks of the trade, is a combination of math, art and experience.
Primacoustic deals with room reflections in several ways.
Absorbers for walls
Absorbers for ceilngs: CLOUDS
Bass Traps
Primacoustic makes all of these products in a variety of configurations. These are literally tools for us to use in your room to get rid of obnoxious echos which make any sounds irritating.
Primacoustic offers several levels of products to attack your problems. Primeacoustic has very competitive pricing within its field. Every room is a little different. Please visit to discuss your project with us.
Just to give you a ball park, an 20×14 living room would run approximately $2500 in Primacoustic products to SOLVE.

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