Quad 11L Classic Signature Speakers

Quad 11L Classic Signature Speakers $600 per pair (12 1/8h, 7 7/17w, 9d)


We’ve had consistent demand over the years for small speakers that sound good, and are very attractive. Invariably, she wants an attractive real wood finish. Invariably you want a speaker that sounds clear, has some bass, and isn’t bright and aggressive. And yep, she has to approve the cosmetics.

In the $1200-2k per pair price range, there are a number of fine options. At $600 per pair, there certainly are NOT many speakers that will fill the above demands. The Quad 11L Signature hits the nail on the head for both of you. Yes, you would prefer the S-1 or S-2 with ribbon tweeter. But if that won’t fly past the budget committee, please consider the 11L Sig.

The hallmark of the classic Quad sound is a holographic stereo image so phase coherency is particularly important. The tweeter uses a precision engineered waveguide to integrate the midrange and treble in a balanced, coherent way. The drive units are combined with an advanced phase linear crossover utilizing low distortion inductors and high clarity capacitors for accurate musical timing.

The cabinet construction techniques are key to the class leading levels of performance delivered. Two different wood materials are used for the cabinets, reducing the audibility of resonance and making the cabinet more inert- lending less character to the sound. Quad laminates high density chipboard and fiberboard in a structure that breaks up the resonant peaks into mini-modal frequency bands that lack the strong sonic signature experienced by panels of MDF or birch. The end result is that the listener hears the drive units as they should be heard- unblemished by the cabinets. Additional internal bracing significantly reduces cabinet coloration and resonance. Further, special long fiber damping is installed to randomize internal reflections to prevent standing waves.

You can see by the photos that he 11L has a mahogany finish of real wood. The 5” bass-mid Kevlar driver blends with a 1” fabric soft dome tweeter. The sound is exceptional clear for the price point. The bass is quite full for anything south of a tower. Remember, a Kevlar bass-mid doesn’t have to be yellow, and Kevlar delivers a bigger sound than any number of plastics.

For an affordable speaker that looks nice and fits in her room, yep, it’s HER ROOM, Quad’s 11L Signature is a cost effective way to get there.

Quad 12L Classic Signature Speakers $900 per pair (13 3/8h, 8 1/4w, 10 1/8d)

The 12L is an 11L with a 6.5” bass-mid instead of a 5.