Quad Electrostatic Speakers

Quad ESL-2812 Speakers, $12,000 Per Pair

The most venerable company in the history of stats, Quad, has a new model you should come hear. The new Quads are beautiful in sound and sight. They’re truly a gorgeous focal point in your listening room. They’re known for their fantastic resolution and ability to image.
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Quad Artera Electronics: $4500

To go with the great Quad ESL speakers, you need commensurate electronics. The new Artera Series fills the bill at very reasonable size and price. For $4500 you can shake hands with a myriad of sources and have a wonderful CD Player!
While Quad created the Artera electronics with the ESLs in mind, you would be wise to consider them with any number of fine speakers out there.

Artera Stereo Power Amp $2300:
140×2 (6 1/8h, 12 5/8w, 13d)

The Artera Stereo Amp is a gutsy, CURRENT DUMPING AMP in the Quad tradition. It runs high current with a Class A, golden glow to the sound. There’s nothing bright or harsh about the Artera Stereo Amp, which is ideal for revealing speakers with an extended top end!

Artera Play (Stereo Preamp/DAC/CD Player) $2200:
(4 3/16h, 12 5/8w, 13d)

The Artera Play is a crystal clear Red Book CD player in a Preamp/DAC. This fine front end can feed any power amp with XLR or RCA connections.

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