Quad S-5 Tower Speakers $2200 per pair.

Quad S-5 Tower Speakers $2200 per pair (45h, 8 1/4w, 14 3/8d)


Now in stock is the Quad S-5. The S-5 is finished beautifully in mahogany (or black ash) and comes with attractive and useful outrigger feet. S-5 is a very interesting addition to our line up for a number of reasons.


S-5 features Quad’s brilliant ribbon tweeter. Quad’s ribbon is the real McCoy, an aluminum diaphragm under the control of push/pull magnets. With the ribbon you’re sure to get an extremely open, airy sound.

Voices and instruments lean to yang rather than yin = slightly brighter than slightly duller. This allows vocalists & singer songwriters to purvey emotion in spades. Overtones on guitar and piano are lively and clear.



S-5 features a 5” Woven Carbon Fiber midrange driver. S-5 fills out its three way design with two 6.6” Woven Carbon Fiber woofers, and three rear firing 6.6” Acoustic Bass Radiators. S-5 shows your amp a 6 ohm load and is efficient at 90dB. You can drive it with almost any amp. A 50×2 NAD, for example, drives S-5 nicely.

The bass performance of S-5 is leaner than fatter. If you like bass detailed and under control, the S-5 will do it for you without a Herculean power amp. It’s a pleasure to hear a speaker that isn’t trying to pulverize you with booming bass at 30 paces. S-5 is a speaker that’s big on detail and clarity throughout the musical range.