Quad Vena: A Classy Integrated Amp $1000 (45×2)

Quad’s approach to an affordable integrated amp has a little different spin from the other guys.
Quad makes no apology for wanting Vena to look beautiful on your shelf. At first blush you might guess the Vena was made by Bang & Olufsen in Brazilian Rosewood. It’s got a very finished look with its gorgeous Mahogany cabinet, which just happens to match Quad’s Mahogany speakers. Consider mating Vena with Quad S-1 for a stunningly fine, small office system!

Due to its size, usually Vena finds a home where the space is tight. That’s fine. But that’s not the only place it can live. If you want a higher powered system but the sleek look of Vena, Quad has thought of you. Run a cable from Vena’s pre out, to a power amp WHERE EVER, and connect your speakers to the amp. Hence you only see the beautiful Vena, but you could have a monster power amp actually doing the heavy lifting. We have done this where SHE only wanted to see Vena, not a Brontosaurus of a power amp.

Vena is more than a pretty face. It’s an audiophile’s integrated amp.

-45×2, Class AB and delivers a thicker, warmer sound than comparably priced D amps
-DAC (24/192) on board: Inputs are one USB-B, one USB-A, 2 Optical, 1 Coax
-Analog 1 & 2 RCA inputs
-Bluetooth built in
-Has PRE OUT for adding a powered sub or using as a preamp for bigger power amp
-Headphone jack (1/4”) on face- imagine that, a quality headphone amp on board!
-High quality speaker binding posts

Quad also offers Vena in black gloss, white gloss, or gray.
4 3/4h, 12 3/4w, 11d chassis depth, leave an inch or 2 behind to accommodate cables.