Relationship With Music…

What is your “relationship” with music? Many of us are extremely passionate about it. That’s WHY we love of the hifi hobby. It’s why we listen to music with rapt attention, as opposed to a phone and bluetooth speaker.

Whether your hifi is beer or champagne, what drives the bus is THE MUSIC.

We audiophiles get knocked for being off the deep end for being too interested in the equipment. Well, to those people I say, I’m sorry YOU DON’T GET IT. We do.

I want to hear Jo Stafford and Ella sound like they are in MY ROOM, singing TO ME. Their talent is limitless. I want to hear every last drop of body and soul they put into their music.

Fantastic musicians have recorded music we love. They and their sound teams have put enormous thought and care into those recordings. The choice of instruments, mics, placement, pace, phrasing, sonic mix and space are among the endless decisions they made in the recording process. Yep, I want to drink those choices in to the Nth degree, within my wallet.

If you share our insatiable appetite for lifelike sound, please visit. You choose the budget. We’ll help you choose the best gear to give you the best sound FOR that budget.

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