Rogue Audio, Sphinx 2

Rogue Audio Sphinx 2, Integrated Amp, 100×2, $1500 with Remote

Rogue Sphinx V2 front

Rogue Sphinx V2

Rogue Audio’s Sphinx integrated amp has earned industry raves since it came out in 2013. It has two 12AU7 tubes in the preamp and 100×2 in the power amp. It’s been appreciated for its warm & solid sound.

Sphinx has just been upgraded to Sphinx 2. The price hasn’t changed! What has?

-Sphinx 2 has gotten a face lift- literally a new front panel
-The noise floor has gotten a tad lower.
-The headphone amp is improved, higher output
-The phono section is improved, higher output
-The “skeleton remote” is new and now features MUTE, as well as UP and DOWN.

As you might infer, Sphinx 2 is an audiophile TWEAK. It is still made in Pennsylvania and has a three year warranty. Available in black or silver.

Just to remind you of the nice things people have been saying about the Sphinx, here’s a review. Sphinx 2 will get more of the same, we’re sure!
Ron Doering of TAS (10-4-13):

Rogue Sphinx V@ back