Rogue Cronus Magnum v2 Back In Stock!

Rogue Cronus Magnum v2 Integrated Amp, $2500, 100×2
Tube preamp and tube power amp on one chassis

> A fine American built tube preamp runs $5k or more.
> A fine American built tube power amp with 50×2 runs $5k or more.

> A tube preamp made in China, by a vendor that an American designer hires to do piece work, runs about $2-3k.

> A tube power amp made in China, by a vendor that an American designer hires to do piece work, runs about $3k.

The beauty of Rogue, built in Pennsylvania, is that the pricing is right there with the Chinese, while the quality is right there with the best American firms.

Mark O’Brien is the founder/owner of Rogue. Mark and his band of merry men build their gear in the USA. The quality is exquisite. The price is outstanding. And if you ever need service, you have Audio Emporium in your corner- because we have Mark in OUR corner!

This is the way the audio biz was in the 70s. Sadly, this is the exception now. You’ll have to look long and far to find an owner/operator electronics company.

It’s challenging work. Customers are demanding. Margins are tiny. Yet, we love the hobby and are very proud to offer Rogue, a unique value in the TWO CHANNEL world.

Cronus Magnum v2 runs 100w/ch with KT120 output tubes on board.
The Cronus Mag can drive the vast majority of speakers out there- if you’re listening at less than urban volume.
The preamp section features two 12AX7s and three 12AU7s.
It has a fine MM phono section.
It has three additional line level inputs.
Cronus Mag features one variable (subwoofer? Bigger amp?) and one fixed output.

Rogue doesn’t want to build a DAC on board because they feel it’s a moving target. What might be fine today, might be obsolete next year.

It comes with a basic remote, up/down/mute.

If you want to get a major league taste of what tubes can do at reasonable money, look no further than Cronus Mag v2!