Rogue Titan Series

Rogue Titan Series- Now MAGNUM Versions!

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Rogue Audio of Pennsylvania has updated its very affordable, made in the USA (!) Titan Series of electronics.
The line consists of a superb preamp and power amp, as well as a scrumptious offering in an integrated amp. These products have been available for several years in the entry level form. NOW Rogue offers them with hefty improvements it has dubbed MAGNUM versions. The price tags are not much higher. The sonic performance IS noticeably improved.
In addition to offering these fine products at fair prices, they didn’t forget about “who brung them” to the dance. Rogue will modify prior versions of these guys so early adopters can come up to full speed at reasonable prices. The warranty is 3 years P&L!


Metis Magnum Preamp: $1500 with remote, Silver or Black (4 1/2h, 18w, 12 1/2d)

Rogue Metis Magnum

Tubes have lured in audiophiles for years. Deservedly so. The mellow, romantic sound is undeniable.
The typical price for a fine US built tube preamp with remote control and phono runs about $5000! The Rogue Metis Magnum lands at $1500 with remote. It also has a headphone jack. Metis inputs include: phono (MM), CD, Aux 1, Aux 2. It has a balance control and two sets of preamp outputs, one variable and one fixed.
Metis employs two 6SN7 tubes. To be able to get full flavored tube warmth, from an American built product at this price point is remarkable. Everything else in this range is a Chinese import actually built by who-knows-who? Rogue empoys its tubes in a unique “slow start” circuit to extend tube life. Weighing in at 20 pounds, what a substantial product and great value!


Atlas Magnum Power Amp: $2000, 100 w/ch, Silver or Black (5 1/2h, 18w, 17d)

Rogue Atlas Magnum

The new Atlas Magnum tube amp is quite the affordable, 60 pound powerhouse! Generally in this price range you would expect tube power of single digits. To get a gutsy 100 w/ch amp for reasonable money is downright exciting. It’s easy to think of LOTS of great speakers that can be driven by Atlas. We have the Brystons, Magnepans, GoldenEar and Paradigm lines in our shop. Atlas will drive all of these models very well. The sound is large and warm, much as you would expect for twice the price!
Tube compliment: two 12AX7 input tubes, two 12 AU7 driver tubes, four KT-120 output tubes. Speaker taps are 4 & 8 ohms. An optional cover is $100 if you’re concerned about kids and pets.


Cronus Integrated Amp: $2300, 100w/ch, Silver or Black (5 1/2h, 18w, 17d)


Cronus starts life as an Atlas Magnum amp. Preamp connections are the same as the Metis. The preamp section isn’t as advanced as Metis but still uses tubes. Because Rogue knows which amp you’ll be using it can simplify the preamp tasks. So, Cronus is getting an Atlas amp with nice tube preamp built in for only $300 more! Yup, it’s got MM phono and a headphone jack too! The optional cover runs $100.
There is no better mid priced choice to bring you the “magic” of full fledged tube sound!