So Good It’s Ridiculous!

Emotiva Stack, $2700


At $2700 Emotiva offers a stack of gear that is absurdly inexpensive!
Each component is as good as it gets. The warranty on each piece is FIVE YEARS!

Emotiva ERC-3

Emotiva ERC-3

ERC-3 CD Player: $500

This red book player is a specialist at playing regular CDs. It is built like a tank at 22 pounds.
It tracks like a champ and due to its build quality is not likely to mistrack (as the flimsy players do) any time soon. It has single ended AND balanced outputs. That is not a misprint. It has BALANCED OUTS! The sound is full and robust. You’ll hear stronger bass than any player out there near $500 due to its enormous power supply. ERC-3 will sound better than your blu-ray player, or a universal player, trying to play music CDs.









XSP-1 Stereo Preamp: $1200

As good a value as ERC-3 is above, I can make an argument for XSP-1 being even a better bargain. It is a DUAL RAIL, BALANCED, STEREO preamp. It takes single ended AND BALANCED ins and outs. That’s not a misprint. It has BALANCED ins and outs! It doesn’t convert to balanced config, it’s full bore legit BALANCED topology. The sound is defined, dynamic and solid. There’s no
preamp in its league for anywhere near $1.2k.




Emotiva XPS-1 back








XPA-2G3 Stereo Power Amp, 300X2: $1000



As good a value as XSP-1 is above, I can make an argument for this power amp being even a better bargain. At $1000 the value is RIDICULOUS!
Nobody else approaches 300×2 in balanced design for anywhere near this price point, much less on a power amp built in the US of A!
The advantage of “unlimited” horse power is optimal definition, dynamics and the ability to bring bass out of your speakers- that you didn’t even know had it in ‘em!
Further, if you mate this amp with speakers that DO have prodigious bass like the Brystons, look out! You’re cruising along having a good time and all of a sudden the bass jumpsup and grabs you like you were not expecting. If it’s in the music, XPA-2G3 can make your speakers dance to the tune!


Since all three of these products can run in balanced configuration, all xpag3_rearyou need are two sets of balanced interconnects to get more immediacy and impact, with a quieter background- than if you ran RCAs. The better your speakers, the bigger improvement you’ll hear with in the balanced domain.

The difference is quite noticeable. Buy the above stack and some balanced cables from us. If you’re sitting on some older electronics now, now is the time to kiss them goodbye. Quit putting along with a tiny motor driving the car! With the holiday promo I’m happy to twist your arm to upgrade for the next audio generation! You’ll hear things out of your speakers you’ve never heard before!