Sound Bar Done Right

Sonos Playbar & Sub, $1400

We have seen all sizes, shapes and forms of Sound Bars. In a nutshell, almost all of them are embarrassingly bad. Most of them are no better than the speakers included in your TV, which is about the same quality as your door bell.

Rather than waste time on the plethora of atrocious Sound Bars we’ve seen and heard, let’s get to the guys who do it right. Sonos.

The Sonos Playbar runs $700. It can be wall mounted OR put on a shelf underneath your TV. It has built in amps to drive the speakers. It sounds pretty nice- but you need to add the Sonos Subwoofer, $700, to get some bass. The sub is also amplified and the only wire it needs, is the AC to the wall.

For a modest $1400 you can run this fine sounding combo off your cable or satellite box, Apple TV, and Blu-ray. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It sounds better than it has a right to, given size/price.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it. We hope you’ll stop in and have a listen, and a look. It’s the smallest, high performing, cost effective choice out there!

It is, the only Sound Bar we endorse. The alternative is to go with a multi-element speaker array which requires being run from a surround receiver at a higher cost and more complicated installation plan. If you want to go there, it’s right up our alley!

SONOS Playbar/Sub Combo