Greg N: Isotek Aquarius & Bluesound Node 2

Bluesound NODE-2

Hi Dave,
If I could pretend to be an audio reviewer for moment, I would say there is much improved separation between instruments, especially on the bass end of the spectrum. More dynamic range and an improved sound stage. I can hear sounds I didn’t know existed on known tracks. And the idea of controlling everything wirelessly from my iPad is very appealing. Super satisfied! You made some great recommendations. Thanks!



Ramon H: Isotek Mains Conditioner with Premier Power Cables

Hi Dave,

First listening impressions are excellent. Bass is indeed tight. Specific image and instrument location are quite noticeable. System detail, especially when listening for the specific sound of individual instruments is quite remarkable.
Unfortunately, I can very clearly determine the shortcomings of my aging CD player quite well, or should I say, badly?!


So far so good. I am please with this investment. Thanks for your help and guidance. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you.


Mike H: Bluesound Node 2

Bluesound NODE-2

Hi Dave,

Marcia and I absolutely love the Node 2! It’s the best $500 we ever spent. Thanks so much for the great advice.

We feel having the ability to play MQA is critical.


Testimonial Martin G: GoldenEar SuperSub XXL & X, Bryston Mini T’s, Hegel H360


I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that everything is working very well at our house! That little SuperSub X made a significant, positive impact to our small living room system! I replaced a 10″ Sunfire sub and the amount & quality of bass is amazing. It’s not quite as deep and tight as the XXL (in bigger system) but the X is a smidge smaller than the unit it replaced, so the wife is happy.
The garage system is still amazing and movies in our theater with the SuperSub XXL really adds to the suspension of disbelief! I chatted with Glenn. He was very helpful and I could tell he is passionate about what he does. You have great people working for you. Thanks you for all your help and I hope you have a blessed and prosperous Christmas season!


Testimonial Sharon P: Quad S-1 Speakers/NAD C338 Integrated Amp

NAD C338



Del M: GoldenEar Triton Ones, SuperCenter XXL & SuperSat 50s

Hi Dave,
I have the Triton Ones and SuperCenter XXL hooked up and running. By this evening they will have 60 hours on the front three speakers. The sound stage is excellent with great imaging on movies and CDs. The clarity, bass, and sound quality are excellent!

Allen G: Marantz SA11S3 SACD/CD Player

Hi Dave,
The Marantz is pretty awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. Listening to the Barrenboim Polaski CSO excerpts from the Ring Cycle now. This is definitely closer to the real concert sound than what I had. And as you suggested, my few SACDs do sound really awesome! So I thought I’d drop you a note and say thanks.

Matthew H: Emotiva TA-100 Integrated Amp

Dave, I was just in the store today to purchase a new receiver for my vinyl audio setup and from your recommendation I purchased the Emotiva TA-100. I’ve since set it up and listened to a few records and I can definitely say “wow- HUGE improvement over my previous Yamaha receiver!

The sound is much fuller and more detailed. When looking around today, Dave, you asked me about my personal setup components and I appreciated your interest in giving me the best possible upgrade for my sound. I live close by in Shorewood and will definitely be coming in again for more upgrades/recommendations down the road. Thank you again! Matt

Mark L: Emotiva A-300 Power Amplifier

Emotiva A-300 Stereo Amp


I purchased my first set of audio components in 1971. A Pioneer SX-424 @ 12 w/ch gave me audio heaven.
Fast forward to 2017. Having gone through a myriad of components, I eventually wound up in the realm of separates. I have found what I have been seeking for years. True audiophile magic at a price that defies what it produces.
It began with an Emotiva PT-100 preamp with very high quality DAC.
The finishing touch is the Emotiva A-300 power amp. The sound is simply beautiful. And at the current price ($400) may be the best value in hi fidelity today. Simply a steal! It drives my Magneplanars with ease, as 300w into 4 ohms. People come into my home and they stop in their tracks at the magic they are hearing. Music is meant to be heard in two channel stereo. With quality reproduction, indulge yourself. Do it!


Larry W: Bryston Middle T Speakers

Hello Dave! I received delivery of the Bryston Middle T Speakers one week ago. Glenn and Jacques were helpful, efficient and professional. I couldn’t be happier. My older A-3’s were splendid but the new speakers are a major improvement (20% improvement in bass, 10% improvement in treble, and a considerable improvement in midrange). Even after a week, the speakers seem to be “opening up.”
The speakers handle all source material in a neutral, smooth and uncolored way. Just amazing! And thanks again!







Stan G: Audeze LCD-X Headphones $1699

Hi Dave! Thanks so much for spending time with me yesterday showing your wonderful studios and products.
I broke out the LCD-X’s after they were up to room temperature. They are absolutely stunning, better than I could have imagined!
I WILL see you soon, and again, thanks for your help and expertise.











Mike W: Bryston 5B-SST 5 Channel Amplifier

In 2000 I bought a Bryston 5B from you with number of other components in a full surround system. The amplifier quit putting out sound, 16 years after I bought it. I had lost the receipt but when I called, you told me it had a 20 year warranty. I have moved and decided to send it directly to Bryston’s service center. I’m just letting you know that I had it back, repaired, at no charge, within two weeks! They honored the repair from the date code. I didn’t even know there was a date code. I’m a very happy Bryston owner. Please let your other customers know that Bryston is a first class outfit.


Mark K: Paradigm/Anthem


Good morning Dave. I have owned these items for a little over a year now and I have since been able to put them through their paces. Unbelievable! I cannot express in words the range of emotions I have enjoyed while experiencing the music that comes out of this combo of electronic magic. From soft crescendos emanating while hoping not to wake my apartment neighbors, to outright volumetric outbursts that are played with utter giddiness in my new home with wanton abandon to how loud I may be to my neighbors. This combo has ZERO DISTORTION. The only limit to this stereo system is that of my own aural limits. I have waited this long to be able to gather the words to express thanks and gratitude.

You have truly gone above and beyond with me and your passion for audio. I recommended Audio Emporium to friend and he is also truly satisfied with his Peachtree amp. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a place to listen and purchase some of the finest audio equipment one could ever want.











Pat: GoldenEar Triton 3+ Speakers, $2500 per pair

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to say thank you. What a transformation! a Listening in your shop was great but in my own home where I am used to how my Polks sound is altogether different. I am extremely happy with the built in subs- you were right that they would work much better on my wood over concrete floor!












Carl F: Rogue Sphinx Integrated Amp, $1400

Rogue Sphinx V2 front

Rogue Sphinx V2

First of all wishing you and your family and the team at Audio Emporium the best this thanksgiving. So my turn to give thanks to you.

It has been a few weeks since you went above and beyond in customer service opening the store on a Sunday morning that I might purchase the Rogue Sphinx. I just love it! I listen to music a lot to begin with, but now it is a daily revelation especially vinyl. The phono section of this integrated is just fantastic. I am hearing things that I previously thought un-listenable – sounded amazing. I have yet to play the big orchestral works of Beethoven or Bruckner much less my fave Ravel… we shall see how they sound.

Again, thank you!

Ron P: Bryston Mini T speakers


Your assessment of them was spot on. Smooth with plenty of bottom end for their size. Thanks for your comments and advice about them during the winter!









Dave P: Marantz SR-7009

Marantz SR7009

I have been purchasing products from Dave and AE since the early 90’s. Obviously everyone who works for Dave is very knowledgeable. It’s nice to go into a store and talk to someone who shares your passion about audio and music. Back in 2010 I purchased a Marantz receiver and had some difficulty with the set up. Dave promptly sent out Glenn to help. I quickly got the help I needed at no cost. Recently, I purchased another Marantz receiver. During set up there was an issue and once again Glenn was sent out and determined the unit was indeed defective. Again, no charge for this service call. He quickly swapped out the defective unit with a new one. Unfortunately, there was an Internet issue with the second unit. Since Marantz support could not address that issue I called Dave and once again he swapped out that defective unit with a new one. Now all is well.
I know you will not find this level of service with an online retailer or with any of the big retail chains. When I need to make a major electronics purchase, I will always return to Audio Emporium.


Bob M: Magnepan MG-20.7 Speakers

Magnepan 20.7
Hi Dave,
I really appreciate all the work that Glenn and Jacques did to get the great speakers set up. As you might have sensed, I had hesitation about investing that much in a speaker system, but they are great! Glenn and Jacques set them up perfectly. On nice nights, we usually sit out on the back porch listening to music- and even out there the speakers sound great. So thanks to all of you!







Rick A: GoldenEar Triton 7 Speakers

GoldenEar Triton Seven

I LOVE THEM!!! Hooked them up to a preamp as opposed to using the preamp of a receiver, and they sound even better!!!!
Been listening non stop!!!












Randy B: Marantz NR-1605 Surround Receiver


I’d like to thank you for insisting I buy the right piece of audio gear. The Marantz NR-1605 is exactly what I needed. I would have been disappointed with a lesser unit, and a lesser unit is what I had intended on buying when I walked into your store Saturday.

Your attention to my particular requirements is greatly appreciated. Over the years you’ve never steered me wrong and for that reason, I’ll keep coming back.

Marantz NR1605

Devin J: Marantz SR-5008 Surround Receiver, Paradigm Theater Speakers

“Hey Dave! It’s been an extremely busy week for me of course, with me moving and unpacking etc. You and your staff have me in heaven! You guys are beyond the best!!! Thank you for the wonderful blessing! Thank you for having Glenn make the road trip to our home and taking care of me. It’s an honor and a privilege.”
Paradigm Monitor Series 1











Mike T: GoldenEar Triton 2 & PeachTree Nova 220

“Just wanted to drop you a line that I couldn’t be happier. These speakers sound amazing, and everything is working perfectly. Truly, I’m thrilled. I basically haven’t stopped listening since I set them up!”

Matt H: Bryston Mini T Speakers

Loving the Mini T! Cannot believe how good they are! Getting the BDP-1 and BDA-2 and then these speakers has been astounding… music is HUGE- had forgotten that immediacy and drive that come from speakers that can handle power!

Carlos V: Bryston Model T Speakers

I spent all evening setting up the speakers and listening to music. They are fantastic! The realism they bring is unbelievable! About the amps (old 120 w/ch), they did well, no overheating, no blown fuses yet; although it is clear that the next step will be an upgrade for the amps.
Thank you for all of your advice, Dave!

Mike A: Bryston Model T Speakers

What a treat! This speaker amazed me for its ability to deliver such a clean/fast sound with articulate bass and a very even midrange. I am still shocked at the performance ratio. I think it would be a challenge to find a speaker for the price of $7k that would actually surpass the Bryston Model T in all areas. This is a speaker that would sound great with a good 70×2 amp or 600×2 amp of any high quality brands out there.

Mike B: Marantz SR-6007 Surround Receiver & UD-5007 Universal Blu-ray Player

I recently found myself able to invest in a higher quality AV system for our home theater and digital music experience. I gravitated toward Audio Emporium to find the Marantz products in which I developed strong interest. Within half an hour, Dave had effectively demonstrated several units and I purchased the SR6007 and UD-5007. Both were perfect choices for my tastes and environment.

Having had too many experiences in the big box stores, I was excited to have walked into a retail atmosphere that felt like I was walking into a friend’s home. Dave demonstrated extensive product knowledge and ensured the sales experience was a positive one.

While in the process of setting up my system, I had inadvertently made a misstep and brought my unit back to the store for help. The AE team was extremely helpful and made sure my system was working properly then explained what I had done to introduce the issue. While the team was helping me out, Dave graciously played some music for my wife, who, after listening for about half an hour, was as relaxed in the AE listening room as I’d ever seen her. SHE decided which speakers we should buy (Paradigm Studios are in our future!). Nice salesmanship, Dave. Now I have to buy my wife some nice speakers!

Our new system has so many wonderful features that I am still learning and experimenting but the sounds ranging from Coltrane’s sax to Wolf Hoffman’s ripping guitar never sounded so good in our home.

Rich J: Bryston Model T Speakers

I ran them continuously for 3+ days.

I put them to the test this morning with the studio version of Dire Straits doing “Telegraph Road.” I have used this cut as a demo for almost 15 years now and hadn’t realized that there was bass at the opening of the song. I pushed my 14B to the max streaming through my BDP-1 and they played with authority and wonderful dynamics.

They have detail without any trace of harshness. It was extremely satisfying to finally push them to their limits. Great image, great off axis response, and a very controlled and physical bottom end.

Yes, I’m very happy with my new Bryston Model Ts!

Ted C: Paradigm S-60 Speakers

I thought I might make your day in some small way with this note. The Studio 60s sound even better in my apartment than in your listening room. Like a fine wine, detailed but full; redolent with the full ambiance of every recording I have listened to so far. I’m hearing things I only imagined previously. I am very pleased as I have been in the past with my overall experience at Audio Emporium: it was fun choosing and listening to speakers in your salon, and I especially enjoyed your comments on the Gilels Beethoven. I am sure I will get years of enjoyment out of these marvelous speakers! Thank you again!

Scott M: Paradigm Monitor 7s, Paradigm Monitor Sub 12, Marantz SR-6007 Surround Receiver

I’m a Scotch drinker. Over the years I’ve found that the more money I spend, the better the scotch. Not always the case in today’s world but I’ll get back to the Scotch in a minute. I’m also an avid music lover. A couple of years ago, I began thinking about my system- mostly because I just blew my receiver testing out some Polk LSi9 speakers I got from a friend. I knew enough about music systems to buy a receiver and install the speakers but I had no real idea about quality and a nice system was acquired. A few years earlier I had laid out about $500 on a receiver and 5 JBL speakers and sub. It sounded like music so I was OK with that- not knowing any better. But then I stared in wonderment slowly coming to terms that my receiver had just left me.

After a few days of sulking, my wife couldn’t handle it anymore and told me to just go buy another one. At that moment the heavens opened and I shot straight for my Google search engine. I read about ohms and watts. I searched the meaning of “audiophile” (oooh, I’d like to be that!) I learned of amps and preamps and various surround modes. It felt so good, like a chocolate sundae with extra nuts. Then came the second sundae and the third- the information seemed endless. I had a belly ache and a headache.

I also was exposed to the huge range in prices! Then it hit me, could audio components be like Scotch? What if I were to shell out a few more bucks?

Alas, I was left with a new knowledge base. I was search-engine educated and felt armed with some knowledge- but it was like a foundation of Swiss cheese, lots of holes and some things that just didn’t smell right. During the course of my self education I stumbled across the Audio Emporium web site. I have no idea how I got there but was impressed by the technical information that had been somewhat simplified, allowing me to begin filling the holes. I also enjoyed the owner’s comments on his own staff- he cares about his people. His shop is a long way from where I live but I needed some help filling the rest of the holes in my knowledge and this seemed like a good place. So I picked up the phone and gave them a call. I happened to get the owner at which point I came clean and asked if he could answer a few questions. I warned him I had half a page of questions and this may take a while. Dave simply replied, “Shoot!”

Well, the rest is history. Dave walked me through my knowledge needs and he made great suggestions that fit by budget. Over the last year, I’ve purchased several components from Dave and I am just amazed at the beauty of the music I can now hear- things I have never heard before. I absolutely love sitting and listening to my music! I am so grateful for the time and commitment they showed. I will shop nowhere else.

And in case you are wondering, yes, audio components are like Scotch. Thanks Dave and team at Audio Emporium!