The Clincher

NAD Integrated Amps Just Became A Slam Dunk Best Buy!

Regular Audio Emporium customers and site readers know I’ve always been a huge fan of integrated amps. While every product influences the quality of sound you achieve, fine integrated amps from $900-2000 remain the best electronic values out there.

Spend the big bucks on the best speakers you can get. These reasonably priced integrateds will get outstanding performance from them.

Can you get BETTER performance? Sure. For a lot more money. Integrated amps remain the best electronic value. There are lots of fine integrated amps on the market. Why would I write that NADs have just become a slam dunk best buy?


Master Quality Authenticated is a new, state of the art, technology to STREAM music to you at fidelity superior to hi-res. Really? Yup.

You can NOW sign up for Tidal and get MQA content to your music system. All you need to DECODE this encoded signal is a Bluesound decoder. While you can buy decoders a la carte, NAD offers three integrated amps featuring their MDC modular construction.

NAD now has a BluOS module for $400 that you can install in these integrated amps to unlock all the treasures of Bluesound. Most notably, the module includes the MQA decoder!

If you have followed MQA at all… reviewers have spoken of it as a true game changer. The MQA they have reviewed, is impractical for any of US out here in the real world. MQA was provided to the reviewers in CD form, which they would play on their fancy schmancy $22,000 CD player with an MQA decoder on board. It’s a “closed circuit” world. We accept that such steps are necessary in making prodigious technological innovations.

To be REAL for US, MQA would have to be available via an affordable STREAMING path. We now have one! Pay Tidal $20 per month, and you’re in the ball game.

There is a lot of music available in MQA right now. Yet we know we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. My contention is that the performance of MQA is (excuse me) a tidal wave. It will end up taking over the world of streaming. The beauty of NAD is that they are first on the bandwagon and are allowing us in for $400. We might have expected a multi-thousand dollar “ante up” with such cutting edge technology.

Bluesound Technology

Bluesound does more than provide a handshake to MQA. It allows you to call up your music, saved on computer or outboard drive. Its performance supports Hi-Res as well as CD quality (and below) music. Hence Bluesound goes farther than Sonos or Heos- both of which are fine products.
Neither of those support Hi-Res much less MQA!

You can buy a Bluesound Node 2 for $500 and connect it to other brands of equipment. That’s a great option as well. But having this Bluesound technology built in NAD integrateds, is THE CLINCHER for me!


NAD C368 Integrated Amp $1300

80×2, With BluOS module



NAD C388 Integrated Amp $2000

150×2, With BluOS module



NAD M32 Masters Integrated Amp $4400

New Direct Digital Design, Software Replaces Preamp
150×2, With BluOS module


BluOS Module