Tried And True!

Over the holidays we had a few “civilians” in the house. Looking at my Magnepans, one of them asked, “Do people really buy things like that?”

Harmless as the comment was, it said a lot.

First of all, for most people, music is wall paper. They like it. It’s on. But they pay little attention to it. For those of us that love the audio hobby AND MUSIC… it’s much more.

When I played a CD track on the Maggies for him, he said, “Wow. I didn’t know music could sound like that in your house! How much?”

The Magnepan MG-1.7i speakers run $2200 per pair. This guy has more than that tied up in Packer jerseys alone. The Hegel H-80 integrated amp is $2000, the Emotiva CD player is $500. All in with cables, the system runs about $5k.

I played the CD “Fun Machine” by Lake Street Dive. The track was “I Want You Back”- a Michael Jackson cover. It starts very sparse with stand up bass and drums. Trumpet comes in. Then you hear Rachel Price’s astounding voice. My guest said it sounded like she was in the room with us.
Yep. That’s the point. At your whim, you turn on the system and there she is. There’s the band.

Magnepan MG-1.7i Speakers $2200pr

While each piece of this system played a part in its success, the speakers deserve most of the credit. The speakers cast a “life sized” image. They don’t sound like boxes, much less SMALL boxes.

Due to their low mass diaphragm, the Maggies have superlative detail. The bass fiddle is deep, clean and tight. You can hear finger transients on the strings. The transparency of the system is outstanding. Yet it’s the voice that conquers. We all hear people every day. To hear a great singer like Rachel at your house, in your living room- is a thrilling experience!

MG-1.7 has been on the market since 2010. In 2013 it got updated to 1.7i, which made a slight improvement in smoothness. Without an A-B comparison, you wouldn’t know they had made a change. But hey, every i dotted or T crossed is appreciated.

Often, when a product is on the market for half a dozen years, we forget about it. It is no longer “new” or latest greatest. The magazines no longer write about it. What the civilian’s comment brought to my attention is that there’s a whole world out there of people that have no idea that these sorts of products exist. These folks don’t know you can have Rachel Price singing TO YOU, IN YOUR LIVING ROOM.

Now, do they care? Will exposure to this kind of sound system win them into our audiophile club? I dunno. Maybe it was an ear opening experience that will incite Mr. Civilian to delve a little deeper. I sure hope so.

But for the moment, I was thrilled to hear his reaction to speakers we’ve had A LONG TIME, seven years. Those of us who live with great gear every day forget how special it is. I’d say that is especially the case with the tried and true Maggies.

1.7 3 panel