Two K Speaker Values


You have roughly $2k per pair to spend on loudspeakers. There are a zillion and one choices. Which ones should you buy?

I’m salivating at the array of nice options you have. There was a day when your choice would be big fat towers and that’s it. Now, we can do better.

Ribbon Technology

Today you’re really lucky because you can afford RIBBON TECHNOLOGY. A ribbon driver has very low mass, much lower mass than a metal, cloth or plastic dome or cone. Ribbon drivers are quite a bit more responsive and detailed than traditional drivers. They sound airy and spacious. They can depict a large image convincingly. Why doesn’t everyone use them?

They are much more difficult and expensive to make! But there are two companies who do a conspicuously phenomenal job that you can afford. Magnepan and Golden Ear.
Magnepan MG1.7

Magnepan MG-1.7i $2200pr

Magnepan MG-1.7i doesn’t use traditional dynamic drivers. It is a 3-way design standing 19”w by 65” tall. Taking up most of that space is a single panel, ribbon design with woof/mid-tweet & super tweet. The size of the image is very realistic. The voice isn’t the size of a softball between your speakers. The voice is very large and spacious. The image is more like that of real instruments or a singer in your room. Isn’t that what we are after?!

GoldenEar Triton 5

Golden Ear Triton 5 $2000pr

The Triton 5 uses a ribbon tweeter! The light, airy image that it purveys is uncanny. You can put the speakers far apart in a room. You can even violate audiophile rules and have them fairly near side and back walls. They still cast a large open image that makes you unaware of where the cabinets themselves are. With dynamic drivers for mids and woofs, T-5 is very efficient, easy to drive and produces muscular bass. GE marries the best characteristics of dynamic drivers with ribbons.

T7 w-FF3

Golden Ear Triton 7 & ForceField 3 Subwoofer $1900

If you love rock music or classics with thunder, consider Triton 7 ($1400pr) with the ForceField 3 ($500) powered sub. The powered sub can kick over a kettle drum. If you want the impact that only a sub can deliver, you can hit your $2k by scaling back a bit on the wing speakers (T7s) and adding in a FF3 with a 1000w amp on board!
Musical purity is a bit cleaner and more spacious with T-5. Adding a sub woofer lets you enjoy that aspect of your music- that just can’t be achieved without a sub.

The good news is, regardless of your decision here, YOU WIN!