Should I Upgrade Power Cords?

Yes butttttt…

Audiophiles are skeptical of CUT ABOVE power cords improving the sound of their systems. That’s understandable because… the vast majority of hobbyists who have tried these cables, plug them right into the wall or a surge protector THAT DOESN’T IMPROVE YOUR SOUND.

Whether that surge protector has a fancy name or is a Menards 6 banger, very few do anything to IMPROVE YOUR SOUND.

The debris on the line from your power company is substantial. The distortion is SO HIGH that it masks detail. Without cleaning this garbage up, your system will have a GRAY background instead of a BLACK background. The improvements a fine power cord can reveal are literally obfuscated by the sludge coming out of your wall. What to do?

We have found that after market power cords can DISTINCTLY IMPROVE the sound of your system IF you have a MAINS CONDITIONER that cleans up what’s coming out of the wall.

The first sonic improvement you’ll hear is the improved detail of transient attacks. Take a fine guitarist or pianist. You’ll hear the individual articulation of each pluck or hammer more clearly. It actually lets you appreciate the superior technique of world class musicians. Voices pop out of the speakers instead of laying back. Bass is tighter and more controlled. The sound stage gets deeper. Imaging is more distinct. Dynamic contrast improves. Singers are noticeably more palpable.

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ISOTEK MAINS CONDITIONERS PURIFY! We have videos to show you what’s happening.

If you’re willing to spend as little as $500 for an Isotek Polaris, you are a candidate to hear the benefits of an upgraded power cord. If you are NOT willing to get a mains conditioner that will actually help, you’re all but wasting your money for fancy power cords.

Isotek Mains Conditioners

Isotek makes three mains conditioners, all of which make an audible improvement in your music system’s sound.


Polaris $500, 6 outlets, 30dB rejection, comes with an Initium Power Cord











Solus $1000, 6 outlets, 45dB rejection, comes with an Initium Power Cord







Aquarius $2000, 6 outlets, 6 filers, 60dB rejection, comes with a Premier Power Cord








Why Isotek? This English company, who makes its gear in Europe, provides affordable mains conditioners that improve your sound. Each conditioner COMES WITH a cut above power cord! Check out the competition. You’ll find most cost thousands and don’t even come with a better than generic power cord!



Power Cords


Isotek Premier $150

The Premier is a GREAT power cord for only $150.
It uses virtually pure copper with a rotational twist to squelch RFI.
The dielectric is Teflon.
The pins are gold plated.


Isotek Initium $100

The Initium is a distinct cut above the black cable that was included with your gear.
Initium uses virtually pure copper with a rotational twist to squelch RFI.
The dielectric is Polyethylene.
The pins are nickel plated.







What improvements should you expect to hear with these power cords? Please read paragraph 5 above. Using a fine mains conditioner like an Isotek provides the advantages described.

If you use Premier or Initium power cords, you’ll get the SAME improvements as compared to the generic black cords that came with your gear.

Keep in mind, manufacturers are trying hard to sell their gear. The electronics market is sooo competitive. Almost nobody wants to include a pricier power cord and bump up their price. Hence, YOU get a generic black cord with your purchase.

We can’t even blame the manufacturers. If you’re just going to plug the gear into the wall or a Home Depot bar, a better power cord isn’t going to help you much anyway.

Please consider an Isotek Mains Conditioner and Premier or Initium power cords.