Demos / Used Equipment

———– DEMO’S ———–

Summer Demo Sale! In store only!

Prices too low to publish per agreements with vendors.
Wide assortment of products including:

Bryston BLP-1, Reg price, $4000



Hegel H160

Hegel H-160, Reg price, $3800



Hegel H80

Hegel H-80, Reg price, $2000



Hegel Mohican, Reg price, $5000



Bryston BLP-1 Turntable, Regular Price $4000, Demo Price In Store Only



Quad S-1’s, Demo $800pr, Reg price $1200pr



Salamander Oslo 221

Salamander Oslo 221, New $1400, Demo $999
20.75h, 44w, 20.5d
All dark glass top and doors



Venice 221

Salamander Venice 221 Cabinet, Reg price $1400, Demo $999






———– USED ———–


Great used speakers!, Classic Paradigm 5SE MK3 8″ 2-way tower, $400pr.
This is fromthe classic late 90’s vintage of Paradigm. Poly woof & soft dome tweet. Voiced warm & beautiful. A steal at $400 pair.




Paradigm LCR-150 matching center to above, Used $100




Paradigm PS-1000, Subwoofer, 10″ 130w, AB amp, Used $200



B&W CM4, new $1600, used $600



—Package Price Deal for the Definitive Speakers below. $999.—
BP10, BP8, Center, Sub. ALL 6 $999


Definitive Technology BP-10 pr., New $1000, Used $400, circa. 1998



Definitive Technology BP-8 pr., New $800, Used $300, circa. 2000



Definitive Technology CLR, New $1000, Used $200, circa. 2000



Definitive Technology Powerfield 1800 Subwoofer, New $1600, Used $400, circa. 2000



B&W LCR 6 S2, single speaker, New $500, Used $200, circa 2001



Magnepan MG 3.5 Speakers, Used $2000pr, New fabric, New ribbon tweets
Great shape!



–Demo units come with full manufacturer’s warranty–
–Used units come with 90 day store warranty–
–Ship to USA only–