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Used: October 2017

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Rotel RB-1562 Stereo Power Amp $300 (100×2)
Was $1200 new! RB-1562 is 100×2. It’s super clean, fast and hits hard. It’s a D design for
listeners who appreciate tight bass, nice headroom and good reliability. Runs cool too. Should probably sell for closer to $500 but we got a sweet trade on it.

Niles SI-275 Stereo Power Amp $250 (75×2)
Boatloads of these amps have been installed for various stereo uses. The amp is strong into low impedances. It has channel level controls. Hence it is immediately flexible in a number of applications. It’s an AB design and chunky at 22 lbs and thus delivers a bit thicker sound down low
than D amps.

Rotel RMB-1565 Five Channel Power Amp $400
Perhaps the best buy in the house now, is this silver Rotel theater amp. With 100×5 of power, this amp was $1300 new. You can run it for theater, or use four channels to biamp your speakers. Why is this amp so CHEAP? It has a little nick on the top front panel. We know our customers want used gear in PERFECT condition. This sounds perfect. But the little ding will disqualify it for some customers.

Magnepans $2000pr
Magnepan MG-3.5Rs are here in mint shape! With brand new ribbons and socks, these speakers look brand new. If you want Maggies with TRUE RIBBON TWEETERS, it doesn’t have to run you $6k per pair new!

B&W CM-4s $600pr
B&W CM-4 is a sleek tower built like a brick.These ran $1600pr new and we’re only asking $600pr! These boys were made in England, in real wood, black ash. These speakers have had many nibbles and won’t be here much longer, I assure you.