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Used: July 2017

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Bryston Turntable $3K!
We have a special price on a Bryston turntable- special order that fell through.
GREAT table! Built like a battleship! Regular price $4k. Smokin’ discount on this one!

Magnepans $2000pr
Magnepan MG-3.5Rs are here in mint shape! With brand new ribbons and socks, these speakers look brand new. If you want Maggies with TRUE RIBBON TWEETERS, it doesn’t have to run you $6k per pair new!

Paradigm Center $100 & Sub $200
Paradigm’s hey day was in the mid 1990s. They dominated their bang for a buck competitors!
We have a nice center (LCR-150) and sub (PS-1000) from that era on trade.

B&W CM-4s $600pr
B&W CM-4 is a sleek tower built like a brick.These ran $1600pr new and we’re only asking $600pr! These boys were made in England, in real wood, black ash.