Used: Magnepan MG-3.5R Speakers $2000 Per Pair

Just taken on trade is a pair of Maggies with the TRUE RIBBON tweeter. The current version is called the MG-3.7i. It runs $6000 per pair.

The 3.5R was built in 1998. This pair has been in for rebuild. The tweeters are new and mint. The grills are new. They look and sound factory fresh.

Magnepan’s top of the line speakers have long had a TRUE RIBBON tweeter. The diaphragm is made of pure aluminum. It is controlled by push/pull magnets. There’s no better tweeter in our industry and these 3.5Rs for $2k per pair, have it!

If you ever visit the factory, the good folks at Magnepan will ask you to put out your open hand. They will drop a strip of aluminum in your hand that is so light you almost can’t feel it. Imagine a strip of Christmas tree tinsel that is 1/8” wide by 5’ tall. THAT is the ribbon diaphragm!

Light. Responsive. Clear as a bell.

And… because they’re tall, they present a large, life sized image, even at a modest volume. To experience this… you have to hear it for yourself.

At six feet tall they feature classic Magnepan bass, which is clean and tight. The speaker presents a 4 ohm load, so odds are your amp will double its rated power into them. Maggies can be driven well by modest power, which we can prove to you.

If you’re a hammer head, these aren’t the right speakers for you. If you listen to anything other than metal, Maggies just might be your cup of tea.

We have the boxes and tweeter protectors, so they can travel safely.

To be able to buy a pair of MINT PANS with true ribbon, for less money than current models with a Quasi ribbon, is a nice opportunity!

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