Audio Rags


I enjoy reading audio magazines. These “reviewers” get exposed to a lot more new gear than you and I do. But let’s face it. It’s getting to where these guys are absurd.

All they see is the one cherry picked piece that lands at their door step. Or, with more influential mags like Stereophile and TAS, the gear is hand delivered to them on a silver platter and set up. All the reviewer has to do is listen to it, instead of fight with the setup.

Almost every review concludes with said product being a GREAT value and well worth your time to chase down for audition. REALLY?

That’s pretty easy to say when the guy reviewing the product never has to pay for it. Further, he doesn’t have to support it and make it work for years in the field.

As a dealer, The Audio Emporium is absolutely on the hook. We pay for products. We support them after the sale. We have the same dog in the hunt as you do.

When we endorse/carry a product, it’s for reasons well beyond a pretty face. Consequently, you can be assured our recommendation is well founded.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent reviews.

$16k per pair small tower speakers
Scanspeak drivers, 8” 3-way
“Entry level.” “Incredibly well priced.”

$13k per pair small shelf speakers
6” 2-way in a fancy enclosure

Four pairs of speakers reviewed in one month: $54k pr, $60k pr, $129k pr, $229k pr.
All are stunning performers and referred to as remarkable values at some point in the commentary.

Hey, they even reviewed a 50×2 integrated amp with 4 output transistors for $9k and called it a top contender at its price point and real competitor for much more expensive integrateds. Yep. Just what we’re looking for, a 100×2 integrated amp for $12-15k.

Real World!

We’ll let the magazines ride on their magic carpets. We’re down here in the real world, catering to people who work for a living and want a dollar’s worth of performance for a dollar spent.


What are some examples of TRULY exceptional values?

Magnepan MG .7

> Magnepan MG .7, $1400 per pair

Edge of the art Quasi Ribbon technology for the mid/woof and tweeter
True, life size performance you expect from a Maggie
Exquisite detail, air and space.


GoldenEar Triton 5

> GoldenEar Triton 5, $2000 per pair

Ribbon Tweeter
Two 6” mid-woofs, D’Appolito pairing
Four infrasonic radiators
High efficiency and bass below 30Hz.
The sound is mellow, not sharp.
With wide placement and tow in, the image is nothing short of spectacular!


> Bryston A2, $3230 per pair

Prodigious tower speaker with 20 year warranty!

Bryston A-2 Boston Cherry

Two massively built 6.5” Ceramic Coated Aluminum woofs
Two muscular Ceramic Coated Aluminum mids
Two smooth Titanium tweeters
Steinway true top end with subterranean low end impact!








> GoldenEar Triton One $5000 per pairGoldenEar Triton 1

Much like Triton Five above with three powered subs on board.
Hence there is no need for additional subs.









> Magnepan MG 3.7i, $6000 per pairMagnepan MG 3.7

With True Ribbon tweeter, 3.7i is unsurpassed in air and space presentation.
Bass is ample for most acoustic listeners
It takes some space but is well worth the effort!


> Bryston Model T, $8685 per pair

Bryston Model T (cherry & boston cherry)
The best value in a high octane speaker on the market!
Model T gives puts music in your room with real world dynamics, weight and scale.
Play a jazz trio and… you could believe they’re in your room!
Oh, and the warranty is 20 friggen years- from a company your can trust!

When you look at what you get for the money you pay at Audio Emporium, I’m very confident in proclaiming, you’re getting your money’s worth!

Further, we deal with solid companies who make reliable products. I’ve been in the biz since the mid 70s. I can tell you from experience that speakers (not to mention electronics!) don’t last forever. Most companies quit supporting speakers at about the ten year range. There are no such worries with Magnepan, Bryston and GE above!