In Wall Speakers By GoldenEar

Built in speakers have evolved beyond car speakers screwed on to plastic baffles. Well, at least SOME architectural speakers have evolved to this point!

Most in wall speakers are still using plastic or metal dome tweeters. Some use soft domes. They’re OK. That’s what we’ve had to work with the last 30 years! At least metal handles more power than plastic or cloth anyway. You sure don’t want you in wall speaker failing.

GoldenEar has taken the built in speaker design further down the road. All of the GoldenEars feature their esteemed ribbon tweeter.

First of all, the ribbon diaphragm is very low mass, allowing superior detail when compared to cones or domes. Speakers of any composition can be designed to be smooth, or bright. When you listen to the GoldenEar models, they’re very smooth, just like the GE towers.

The ribbon tweeters make the speakers sound better at ANY volume, but it is most valuable at LOWER volume because you don’t have to crank the ribbons loud to get feather detail. The low mass of the ribbon tweeter pays big dividends.

One of GE’s hallmarks is the ability to cast a broad stage while still maintaining a nice center image for vocals. These architectural models do this in spades- I’d argue better than anyone else in the category.

GE Bass/Mid drivers are Marble Infused Polymer. Most of the other guys are still using paper, or light weight plastic, which has a propensity to buzz. GE models produce very punchy, tight bass given the size of the speaker. Comprised of one piece driver/frame construction, each GE model is noticeably smaller than competitors that use similarly sized drivers. When you hear most competitors the bass is muddy and ringing. Not GE!!

These models are all appropriate for wall, or ceiling mounting. There are Pre Mount Kits for each model if you’re doing new construction. The speakers come with round, magnetic grills. You can purchase square grills if you prefer that look.

Whether you’re installing speakers for stereo or a surround theater, some combination of GoldenEar architectural speakers will work for you!


Invisa 525

Invisa 525 $250 ea.

5 1/4” 2-way, 7 3/4” diameter





Invisa 650

Invisa 650 $300 ea.

6 1/2” 2-way, 8 11/16” diameter
Much fuller bass than 525- you wan the 650!




Invisa MPX

Invisa MPX $500ea.

Ideal for front or rear theater application ON WALL
Uses two 5” Bass/Mid drivers and a ribbon tweeter, 14 1/2h x 7 3/4w




Invisa HTR 7000

Invisa HTR-7000 $500ea.

Angled for ceiling, theater usage. 7” 2-way, oval shaped. 10 9/16 x 5”





Invisa SP-652

Invisa SP-652 $550ea.

A SINGLE STEREO SPEAKER in one enclosure! 8 11/16” diameter