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Emotiva XPA-2

Emotiva of Franklin, Tennessee, has been steadily gaining market share since its doors opened in 2003. Emotiva’s niche has been to make extremely muscular Class AB power amps at affordable prices.

For example, how about the XPA-2, Gen 2 Power Amp: $900
300×2 into 8 ohms
500×2 into 4 ohms
flip the switch for 1000w mono 8 ohms
1.2VA transformer
24 output transistors
90,000uF filter capacitance
And we have an “welcome promo” of $810!
Are you kidding?!
While Emotiva is known first and foremost for a wide array of beefy power amps, it has now expanded its line to include a fine preamp ($1k) with phono (MM&MC) and balanced (XLR) capabilities. It offers a dynamite CD player ($500) with balanced (XLR) capability.

In a world where every line out there claims to be the best on the market, we encourage you to visit us and have a listen. We’ll fill you in on Emotiva products and technology. Most importantly, you’ll have chance to audition this powerhouse gear for yourself.

Anybody at a keyboard can throw bouquets of roses your way. Their gear smells like a fresh spring rain. But when you hear it, and see it… sometimes promises ring hollow. Maybe it’s not such a great buy after all.

Real research is hearing a product for yourself. Lay your hands on it. Is it built like a tank or a paper airplane? It’s fine to read propaganda on the web, but everyone writes well. Performance is another matter. Audio Emporium gives you support that no web entity can!

We are offering a “welcome” promo to kick off our Emotiva introduction. Dive in deep, the water is fine!