Zone Two

You’ve got a big rig in the Living Room or Man Cave. You’re a progressive guy and even have a Bluesound Node 2 that shakes hands with Tidal so you can listen to MQA (& CD quality) music.

Hopefully… you’ve even made sure to buy an Isotek Mains Conditioner and Power Cables to be sure you’re getting the best sound possible. Life is good! But what about your office/den? How about something smaller and easy to use- where you’ll be left alone in your own world?!

Isotek Polaris $500

We recommend you start Z2 the same way you started your big rig, with an Isotek Mains Conditioner. Since this is Z2, buy an Isotek Polaris which has six outlets. It runs $500 and includes a significantly better power cable (called Initium, $100 a la carte) than the cheap black one that comes with all gear. If you want the cleanest sound possible, whether Z1 or Z2, it’s important
to get rid of electronic noise that obfuscates musical detail. Isotek conditioners not only save you from brown outs, they IMPROVE YOUR SOUND!






Bluesound PowerNode 2 $800 (60×2 @ 8 ohms)

PowerNode 2 shakes hands with your Internet signal wired (always preferred of course) or via Wi-Fi. PowerNode 2 has a stereo, 60×2 amplifier on board! Sixty times two of NAD isn’t like 60×2 of anybody else. Headroom on the PowerNode 2 is substantial- peaking well above rated spec. PowerNode 2 can drive any shelf speakers and most towers- happily!
Bluesound is part of the NAD family, a company renowned for making superb, high quality amps at fair prices. With this one box, PowerNode 2, you’re ready to connect a great, or modest pair of speakers and you’re SET. PowerNode 2 even has a mini headphone jack, optical in, and sub out.
You’ll navigate your music with your phone or tablet. We suggest you use Tidal, the best sounding streaming service out there. If you have an Isotek Polaris be sure to buy an Initium Cable to get the most out of PowerNode 2.


Two Great Speaker Options!

PowerNode 2 will drive almost any speakers well. It can drive something you already have, a box or built ins. But please consider speakers that are quite resolving and REALLY FUN!

Quad S-1 $800 per pair

The Quad S-1 is a gorgeous mini speaker with a Ribbon Tweeter. Think Planar resolution in a tiny footprint!




Elac UB-5 $500 per pair

UB-5 has a rich, clean sound. It can’t be as light and airy as the S-1 with Ribbon Tweeter, (UB-5 has a silk dome tweet) but it has heavier bass due to being a 3-way and a smooth top end.





Kimber 4PR Speaker Kable With Banana Plugs $160

Kimber 4PR Speaker Cable
Why not top off the system with speaker wire that sounds more clear and dynamic than zip cord? Get it with the bananas for easy connection. This price is for two ten foot runs with bananas at all ends.