New Anthem Surround Receivers: For the Audio Purist!

Anthem has just introduced its new line of surround receivers. In “round one” Anthem earned a reputation for fine sounding audiophile receivers with the best room correction circuit on the market- ARC, Anthem Room Correction.
The new line has a more advanced version of ARC. ARC 1M measures the response of the speakers in your room. It reads peaks and valleys. It chops off the peaks and boosts the valleys. Almost all competitors just lop off the peaks.
The typical room has a dip in the midrange and a bass peak. Typical room correction circuitry lops off the bass boom which IS helpful. But the competition ignores the midrange dip, leaving the dialog lower than it should be- to balance. ARC 1M helps the midrange get up to proper balance- yielding more intelligible dialog.
Anthem amplifiers are rated honestly at RMS figures. When you see 80×5, that’s 80×5, at 8 ohms, 20-20k, .08% THD. Anthem isn’t fudging the numbers.
You’ll have to check the site if you want to know the 90 GAZILLON features. These all probably have a lot more than you’ll need.
A quick word about streaming…. We do not want you to stream with the electronics of any receiver! Buy Sonos. The world of shaking hands with web streaming is a moving target. Only Sonos has the ability to keep you happy- interfacing with MOG, Spotify and other fine music providers. If you rely on the electronics of any receiver, no matter what they promise, you’ll be let down.
Anthem MRX-710
MRX-310: $1200, 80×5: 5 channels for most systems
MRX-510: $1600, 100×7: for 7ch systems or bi-amping left & right fronts
MRX-710: $2000, 120×7: audiophile transformer & semi conductors for best sound!
Blu-Ray Concerts

Eagles Small Web

I’m a concert fan. Be it classical, jazz or rock, I love the energy of a live show. With Blu-ray concert discs, the array of performances available now is broad. Pricing has come down from the early days of Blu-ray to where these shows are quite affordable. Every time you watch, you catch something you missed the last time around. Hence like a favorite LP or CD, each time you experience it, you peel back another layer of the onion. We stock about 50 concerts in the shop. We know you can chase them down on Amazon, but please stop by to take a look at what we’ve got!

A good example is the Eagles in Melbourne. For $25 you get a memorable concert with glorious audio and video. What a system show off disc! The band is having a blast and you will too!