Paradigm Sountrack 2 Sound Bar, $900

Sound bars made their mark in the mid 2000s. The big distribution manufacturers offered bars for $300-400 with a dozen drivers and amplifiers on board. People expected them to sound good. Really? Think about it. The magnets on these speakers are smaller than what is used in your door bell. The amplifiers are like what is built into a computer speaker. These bars are literally no better than what is in the TV itself. Their only advantage is that they face forward while speakers within TVs face away from the viewer.
It has taken some years but… Finally, we have a Sound Bar south of a grand that we’re happy to recommend. Soundtrack 2 is powered. Just connect it to your TV or cable box and away you go. It puts the voice right up front where it belongs. This bar projects the dialog as you will want.
The cleverly designed sub (can be used vertically or horizontally) firms up the dialog and provides weight for music/movies. We now can offer an easy plug and play solution that sounds nice at a fair price. The world of $300-400 sound bars hasn’t changed. But if you go north a notch, we have something you’ll like!

Bar: 5 3/8h, 36 3/8w, 2 7/8d.
Sub: 14 1/4h, 18 3/8w, 6 3/8d. 8” sub with 100w amp, peak 250w.

SoundTrak II

Peach Tree Promo!

In the post Christmas, dog days of retail, Peach Tree has decided to run a factory authorized sale on some of its prime pieces. This is A stock product with full warranty, not B stock refurbs. Each product is on sale for a limited time.

Decco 65 Integrated Amp $900 (Regularly $1000)
65×2, built in DAC, tube & headphone amp.




Nova 125 Integrated Amp, $1350 (Regularly $1500)
125×2, built in DAC, tube & headphone amp.




Nova Pre with PT 220 Power Amp, $1700 (Regularly $2400)
Nova Pre uses a discrete, Class A design. Has on board DAC and tube.
PT-220 is a 220×2 solid state Power Amp. It packs a mighty punch!



We stock about 100 SACDs at any given time. We’re not telling you to replace your whole library. But consider buying a few to really show off your system at its best! Odds are we’ll have something you want to justify your visit.