Jacques Sewrey

Jacques Sewrey – Installation + Service + Webmaster

Jacques_Sewrey_smDon’t let that French name fool you, Jacques is a Milwaukee native. Jacques has worked at AE since early 1996.

Jacques is a combination musician/technician which gives him a unique array of talents in the installation world. He plays drums and has been a professional “weekend” musician for years. Recently he has been learning how to play the bass guitar.

Jacques’ interest in music takes him down another path as well. He owns Great Mix Recording, a recording business that records local talent in the studio and on location. Jacques has recorded the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, the UWM SO, and the Concord Chamber Orchestra for years. You’ll see him at various music events around town.

Jacques admits to being a computer geek. Those skills are ever more helpful in the computerized AV world we’re in today. He enjoys action movies and sci-fi.

Jacques is basically on old rocker at heart, still listening to Steely Dan, Donald Fagan, Rush & Genesis among others. Ah, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Jacques has also been fixing, modding and building vintage Fender guitar amps, a newly discovered passion.