Killer Two Channel – System 4

System Price $7,178

Bryston Middle T

Speakers: Bryston Middle T $4600pr.

Bryston’s Model T at $7k pair (described in #3) produces an intimidating amount of power. What if you want almost as much power- but not quite? Then you want the Middle T!

Middle T uses one of the tweets, one of the mids and two of the woofs of the Model T. The quality is identical. The horse power is only slightly throttled down.
My prediction is that when you hear Middle T in our huge listening room (35x20x10) that you’ll say- it’s plenty for me!

I can’t emphasize enough the value of these new Bryston speakers. You’re getting a very smooth & mellow top end, to go with a high testosterone dose of muscle!


Peach Tree Nova Pre

Preamp: PeachTree Nova Pre $1000

Nova Pre is a super value. It’s a discrete preamp- not IC based. With on board Sabre DAC, Nova Pre supports 24/192. It has a tube that you can activate or not. It is the ideal choice for this system, or replacement for your old Audire, Hafler, Rotel, etc.


Peach Tree Power Amp

Power Amp: PeachTree 220 $1400, 220×2

PT 220 is one of my favorite new products in the last few years! For a guy who wants a Bryston 4B but can’t swing it, this is as close as it gets. With XLR and RCA ins, PT 220 has starting and stopping ability that will handle the Middle T beautifully. That translates into outstanding clarity and bass impact. Most amps in this range have a soggy bottom end and leave musical excitement in the distance. Be prepared to be shocked by how much performance you get from the most reliable amp we’ve ever seen in the price strata.


I’ll bet you already have it! Your disc player running digital out? Your computer? Sonos? Nova Pre is ready for you now!

Mogami Cables

Interconnect Cables: Mogami LINK II $50

The Mogami interconnect features a 100% shielded cable with excellent, gold plated RCA jacks. The sound is clear and yet a bit mellow.


Kimber 4PR

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4PR, $3 per foot, with banana plugs at the amp and speaker ends.

The 4PR uses braided conductors to maximize RFI rejection. The jacket is poly instead of Teflon so it doesn’t have quite the Teflon clarity. Two terminated 8’ runs = $128.