Killer Two Channel – System 6

System Price $4,778

Magnepan MG 1.7

Speakers: Magnepan MG-1.7 $2200pr

Magnepan’s MG-1.7 offers one of the best speaker values in our business! MG-1.7 is a 3-way speaker with super tweeter. Its woofer and mid are Quasi ribbons, just like the super tweet. The size of the image is clearly life sized. The space of the performance is more authentic to the Real McCoy. The speaker offers magnificent detailing and control- with no boom in the bass! It also sounds conspicuously good at LOW volume- which your wife will love.


Marantz SA 8004

SACD/CD Player: Marantz SA-8005 $1200

Speakers as revealing as the Maggies are not forgiving of low quality source components. You need a fine source like the SA-8005. SACD is a great, under appreciated format. This player will play them beautifully, along with your regular CDs as well.


Marantz PM 8004

Integrated Amp: Marantz PM-8005, 80×2 $1200

Marantz’s PM-8005 has risen to the top of the inexpensive but serious integrated amp world. This 80×2 translates to 150×2 into the Maggie’s 4 ohm load. Its sonic perspective is warm, not lean. It is a very natural piece to augment the Maggie’s lean tendencies.


Mogami Cables

Interconnect Cables: Mogami LINK II $50

The LINK II is among the best interconnect values out there. One of the reasons it is so affordable is that they ship in bulk- no fancy peg board packaging to run up the price. The sound is clear and yet a bit mellow- ideal for the SA-8004 to PM-8004.


Kimber 4PR

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4PR

$3 per foot, with banana plugs at the amp and speaker ends. The 4PR presents a solid pipeline of clarity and smoothness. Two terminated 8’ runs = $128.