Killer Two Channel Systems – McIntosh 3

System Price $12,456

Marantz SA 8004

CD Player: Marantz SA-8004 $1000

In this system we’re saving you $5500 vs the MCD-550 by employing a Marantz SA-8004. The Marantz sounds great and offers a stunning value. You can play CDs and SACDs. You can use its on board DAC via the Coax, OPT and USB ins. It features OPT and Coax out, so you can listen to the MA-5200’s built in DAC if you prefer!


McIntosh MA-5200

Integrated Amp: McIntosh MA-5200

MA-5200 (100×2) sounds smooth and mellow. Warmth is the watchword here as it prevents any bite or zing from stinging your speakers! Has MM in. Has on board DAC from Coax, OPT or USB. Has analog ins: CD, CD2, Aux, Tuner and one set of XLR ins. Has pre-out, main-in loop.


Paradigm Signature 6


Speakers: Paradigm Signature 6 $6600pr

Paradigm’s new Signature 6 speakers featuring their Beryllium tweeter and long excursion woofers are speakers to lust for! The two 7” woofs have “corrugated” surround that unfurl as you drive them hard. This allows them to have greater excursion than traditional surrounds. The 7” metal cone midrange is strong and fast. The afore mentioned 1” Beryllium tweeter competes with ribbon designs for speed. It’s a great package with SPL of about 92dB!


Kimber Timbre RCA


Interconnect Cables: Kimber Timbre RCA, 1m $140

The Timbre Interconnects are a tri-wire weave. The sound is exquisitely detailed and dynamic. Use the XLR version to link the Macs above.



Kimber Kable 4TC

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4TC, $11 per foot

Kimber 4TC, $11 per foot, with Tributary banana plugs at the amp and speaker ends. The 4TC uses Kimbers variable strand technology. The Teflon jacket provides maximum clarity. Two terminated 8’ runs = $216.





McIntosh Pricing – McIntosh will not allow us to publish line item prices. Of course we can provide them in our store or if you call in.