Quad Electrostatic Speakers

ESL-2812, $12,000 per pair

Quad electrostatic speakers are legendary for state of the art performance in many facets of sound reproduction. Certainly when it comes to imaging, detail and delivering a convincingly real presentation of vocal & acoustic music, Quads are as good as you get. Stop in to hear the latest- the 2812s!









Quad Artera Electronics

Artera Play $2200: Preamp/DAC/CD Player

The Artera Play is a Preamp/DAC/CD Player. Run it XLR into the companion Artera Stereo power amp and you’ve got what you need to drive the ESL-2812s.
I love the inclusion of a great red book player! I for one, enjoy PLAYING CDs and not diddling with the computer, or having the temptation of a touch pad in my lap while being engrossed in the music. Turn off the screens already!
I have the humongo box of Vladimir Horowitz’s recordings at Carnegie Hall. You can choose
from about 70 CDs, toss one in, and get the concert of the day. It gives you goose bumps to be IN CARNEGIE HALL with the audience, for these concerts that were recorded mostly in the 60s-80s. While you listen, JUST LISTEN! Don’t lose focus fooling with your tablet for the next “song.”

Artera Stereo $2300: 140×2 Current Dumping Power Amp

Artera Stereo is the companion amp for the Artera Play, and of course the ESL-2812s. When you have speakers as revealing as the ESLs, you want an amp that can control them and get the most out of them. Artera Stereo is just the ticket.
While it’s logical that you would consider Artera Play and Artera Stereo for the Quad speakers,
they can be run with any speakers and do them justice.


Marantz SA-10 SACD/CD Player $7000

Ken Ishiwata has been designing Marantz electronics for 40 years. The new SA-10 disc player is a no holds barred shot at state of the art disc playing. It’s easily the best disc player I’ve ever heard!
You may have read, I LOVE DISCS. Whether SACD or CD, it’s my format for listening.
LPs are cool, especially cover art. But with rumble, clicks, pops and numerous other challenges, I’d rather play a silver disc, thank you.
I enjoy the process of selecting a disc and putting it in the machine. I typically listen to the whole album. I enjoy the notes that come with discs, whether about the composer, musicians or recording process.
I am not a fan of the computer. The meta data is not accurate/acceptable. I refuse to waste time loading discs and correcting all the mistakes on Gracenote. If YOU want to- suit yourself. I’m not interested in wasting loads of time on the computer.
As for me and a lot of other audiophiles, you can’t beat playing discs with no hassle. SA-10 provides the best source we’ve ever had for music! With dedicated new transport and a myriad of electronic innovations, SA-10 is as good as it gets.
One of the best sonic characteristic of SA-10 is the solid foundation of the music. The background is black as night. The bass is thunderously solid. Details are crystal clear. SA-10 will play SACDs, of course, and Red Book discs as well. If you have a mountain of CDs as I do, enjoy playing them to their best- instead of fiddle fudging with your computer!



Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

While conducting his poem Don Juan, Strauss shouted to the string players before a rising phrase, “Gentlemen, I would ask those of you who are married to play this phrase as though you were engaged!”