Bryston A Series Loudspeakers Are Here!

After many years of research and planning, Bryston got into the speaker biz at Thanksgiving of 2012. Bryston introduced the Model T Series, based around massively constructed 8” woofers. The performance and value of the T Series, with a 20 year warranty (!!), has taken the high end speaker community by storm. The performance has been so impressive for the price points that we chose to replace B&W with Bryston! Times, they are a changing.
All the T Series models need to be 10 ½” wide to accommodate its MONSTER 8. While the ardent audiophile doesn’t mind a somewhat sizeable speaker enclosure, sometimes his wife does.
With the success of the T Series proven, dealers have been begging Bryston to offer competitive performance with a sleeker footprint and price that SHE would be happier with in her living room.

Bryston A-1, $3500pr, Natural Cherry Laminate $4300pr Wood: $4700pr Real Rosewood:
While all the A Series speakers are impressive, make no mistake A-1 steals the show! It has a very large image with rock solid bass.
It sounds like the Model T sans a little muscle.

Bryston A-2, $2800pr, Boston Cherry Laminate $3500pr Wood: $3800pr Real Rosewood:

Bryston A-3, $2400pr, Black Ash Laminate $3000pr Wood: $3300pr Real Rosewood:

Enter the A Series
The three towers are 9 ¼” wide. This allows Bryston to employ a GIGUNDO 6.5” cast woofer. Just as the Bryston 8 isn’t like anyone else’s 8, looking and listening to the Bryston 6.5 breaks the mold of what we would expect from this spec as well. With ridiculously long throw suspension and uniquely formed aluminum diaphragm, the A’s perform dramatically bigger than they look. The A Series offers three towers, a bookshelf model, and a center. Whether for STEREO or Home Theater, if the Bryston Ts are too much $ize, consider the new A Series!

Bryston AC-1 Center, $1250, Black Ash Laminate $1550 Wood: $1800 Real Rosewood:

Bryston A-Mini, $1200pr, Black Ash Laminate Wall Bkts $150pr:

Finish Options
Bryston speakers are available in a nice array of finishes. To keep price modest, all models are offered in Black Ash, Boston Cherry & Natural Cherry (blond) laminate. They are offered at an upcharge in real wood. They’re also offered in a premium REAL ROSEWOOD which is nothing short of mouth watering! Think Bang & Olufsen back in the day.

Bryston T In Wall $560ea, 14h,7.75w,3.5d

Bryston T On Wall $600ea, Boston Cherry Laminate $760ea Wood: $960ea Real Rosewood:
PeachTree Nova 220 Integrated Amp, $2000, 220×2
PeachTree has done it again! Nova 220 packs an even bigger punch than any Nova predecessor. With 220×2 into 8 ohms and 350×2 into 4 ohms, odds are 99 44/100% that Nova 220 will drive your speakers easily.
As with past Novas, Nova 220 has a superb Sabre DAC on board. Most reviewers dub the Sabre family the best jitter reducing DACs on the market. Nova 220 has a 6N1P tube (6922 variant) that you can activate (or not) with a push of a button on the remote. It has a fine headphone amp.
But what really sets Nova 220 apart from its predecessors besides having more power, is its DISCRETE Class A preamp section. All prior Novas employed chips.
The result is that Nova 220 has a more clear, warm sound than any prior Nova product. Beyond that, look at what competitors offer for $2k and… it isn’t close. You typically get 120×2 or less with a chip preamp stage!
Inputs: 2 OPTs, 1 Coax, 1 Analog, Asynch USB
Outputs: 1 Variable Analog- subwoofer anyone?
Headphone amp on board.
5.2H, 14.8W, 11.5D, 22lbs
PeachTree Nova 220 SE



Audeze Headphones
Built in the US, these high end Planar Magnetic phones have leather pads and deliver the most stupendous bass you’ve heard from phones. Due in early April.
LCD-3 $1945
LCD-2 $995