GoldenEar Triton 7 Speakers, $1400pr

GoldenEar Triton Seven

In our August Newsletter we crowed about GE bringing out the new Triton 1 speakers. At $5k per pair they’re generating massive interest in the hifi world. Now that we’ve had them close to a month and have heard them with a variety of different amps, we can corroborate that they are living up to advance billing. That is, they are super clear and detailed- with plenty of muscle. So why are we returning to T-7 this month?
When you tear apart T-1, you see two 5.25” mid woofers and a ribbon tweeter- in D’Appolito configuration. T-1 adds three active woofs and four infrasonic radiators. How different is T-7 which weighs in at only $1400 per pair?
The two 5.25s and ribbon are similar to what is used in T-1. T-7 uses a pair of smaller radiators. The general flavor and clarity are pretty competitive. Sure, T-1 is better. It should be for $5k. But… the beauty of T-7 is that for $1400pr much of the essence of the music is competitive. You can always add sub(s) to T-7 to muscle up.
GoldenEar’s ForceField 5 sub ($1k) is a tour de force. It moves tremendous amounts of air and will lampoon you at twenty paces if you so desire. The impact and power it offers for a G note is unparalleled. T-7s with a FF-5 total out at $2400. Not too shabby!
So while we prefer T-1 if you can swing it, we’re very happy to recommend a smokin’ value- the Triton 7, with FF-5 sub, for half the price.

GoldenEar Super Center X $600ea

GoldenEar Center Duo

When you need a center speaker with a matching ribbon for your GE towers, consider the Super Center X. Super Center X is a shelf style speaker that can go on a stand, or on a shelf. It is not made to wall mount. If you need to wall mount a center, you’ll want SuperSat 60C ($800ea) or 50C ($500ea).
Super Center X (5.75h, 20w,11d) features two of the 5.25” mid/woofs, and a ribbon tweeter as with Triton 7 above. It also features a 7×10 Quadratic Radiator. With big power handling up to 200w, Super Center X is the shelf speaker to mate with most GE towers. You can also run three in an LCR configuration if that’s what your cabinetry accommodates.
Super Center XL $800 (5.75h, 29w, 11d) has the same mids and tweet, but is larger and runs two 6.75×8 Quadratic Radiators and handles up to 250w.
Depending on your horsepower needs, The X or the XL is the ideal mate for your GE towers.

GoldenEar Force Field Subwoofers

GE makes three subs that drop barbells on your floor! Some subs are designed to be be unobtrusive. They look “cute” and add a little bass. You might sneak it past the wife.
The Force Field Subs are made for high performance. They’re certainly attractive enough. But they are designed to bring big time impact for the price point!

> Force Field 3 $500, 11.5h, 11 3/8w, 15 3/4d
8” Front Firing Woofer, 1000w amp, 9×11 Floor Firing Quadratic Radiator

> Force Field 4 $700, 13 1/8h, 13 3/8w, 17 7/8e
10” Front Firing Woofer, 1200w amp, 11×13 Floor Firing Quadratic Radiator

> Force Field 5 $1000, 14 5/8h, 15w, 18d
12” Front Firing Woofer, 1500w amp, 13×15 Floor Firing Quadratic Radiator

GoldenEar Force Field Trio