Hegel H-360 Integrated Amp, $5700 (250×2)

Hegel H-360 front

Is it fair that the best gets better? Hegel’s new H-360 raises the bar from its vaunted predecessor. The power rating is the same, 250×2. The improvement comes in a new, beefed up version of Hegel’s patented Sound Engine technology. Damping factor has been improved to an industry crushing spec of 4000!
H-360 has a higher voltage transformer. Noise floor has been lowered due to separate transformer for preamp and DAC. New balanced inputs from the P30 reference preamp are employed for lower noise floor than ever.
H-360 uses Apple AirPlay. Hegel’s master clock brings AirPlay to a new level of performance. H-360 has Upnp streaming. USB input supports DSD64/128. On board AKM DACs are latest, edge of the art parts. As I said… the best gets better!
Inputs: One Coax, 3 Optical, USB, RJ45, XLR analog, RCA analog. Outputs: RCA Fixed, RCA Variable. Has HT pass through loop.

Rogue Sphinx V2

Rogue Sphinx V2

Rogue Sphinx II $1400

The Rogue Sphinx integrated amp has just been updated to a Mark II version. Sphinx combines tubes (Two, matched 12AU7s) in the preamp and a 100×2 solid state amp.
Sphinx has earned praise from many hifi mags, including this from Stereophile: “The Rogue Audio Sphinx, my on going reference for extreme quality at extreme low price, played ridiculously well with the Magnepan .7s and their DWM bass panels. Bass, boogie, and transient response were better than with any other amp I tried with the Maggies. The midrange was fully fleshed out and exquisitely textured. Highs were open and free of anything but tact, grace and elegance.”
That is high praise, right?! These comments are from the initial version of Sphinx. Wait till you get to hear the Mk II! Available in black or silver. $1400 includes remote.

GoldenEar Invisa Series
GoldenEar Invisa Built In Speakers Now In!

GoldenEar makes two models of built in speakers that are direct radiating. These models use GE’s renowned ribbon tweeter to provide very smooth high end response. Both are round in construction. A square grill can be added (magnetically) if you prefer that look.
Due to GE’s smooth top end, these are ideal for our Sonos and phone based customers- where MP3 sources are softened up a bit.

Invisa 525 $250ea: 5 1/4” woofer, Ribbon Tweeter, 7 3/4” Diameter
Invisa 625 $300ea: 6 1/2” woofer, Ribbon Tweeter, 8 11/16” Diameter

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