New! Bryston Mini A Speakers, $1200pr

Bryston Mini A
Bryston’s loudspeakers have garnered fantastic reviews in the audio press. The models typically reviewed are the big dogs, the Model T ($7500pr) and Middle T ($5400pr). They’re outstanding and deserve the attention.
Bryston has a new “little guy” that isn’t likely to get much attention in the press. Bryston is known for big power, big sound and its 20 year warranty. We’re bragging up the Mini A speakers here because we don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle. And yes, they too have the 20 year warranty!
Most bookshelf speakers are 2-way models lacking in a true midrange driver, but Bryston’s Mini A bucks the trend in order to provide dynamics and bandwidth surprising for such a small speaker. The Mini As are fine when used alone in stereo, but also work beautifully as surrounds in a full theater system.
The woofer is a 6 1/2” aluminum cone. The midrange is a 3” aluminum cone. The tweeter is a 1” titanium dome- the same as used in Bryston’s other speakers. All the Mini A does less than its bigger brothers is move a little less air. It has the same sweet timbre that has us Steinway lovers singing the praises of all Bryston speakers. 15.5h, 8.5w, 8.25d, 10-175 w/ch. Mounting brackets run $150 per pair.

New! Bryston AC-1 Micro Center Speaker, $500
Bryston AC-1 Micro

Bryston’s new AC-1 Micro Center utilizes two 5.25” aluminum woofers and a single 1” titanium dome tweeter. It can be used as a center speaker, or in an LCR configuration. This is a smallish center that works with a lot of cabinetry. 7.5h, 17w, 7.5d, 10-200 w/ch.
We should received it by Thanksgiving. Given what we have heard from Bryston’s AC-1 Mini Center ($1300), we expect AC-1 Micro to be a conspicuously high level performer for only $500.
With the above two models, Bryston offers, affordable, high octane speakers with a timbre that’s smooth, not bright! If you’re annoyed by speakers that tend to sound “tinny”, please give Bryston a listen. If you love the piano, violin and acoustic music, you’re going to love Bryston speakers!

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