Dave’s Faves – Bluesound Node 2

Bluesound Node 2, $500

Bluesound’s Node 2 became one of the BEST PRODUCTS in all of hi-fi on Feb 1, 2017. As of Jan 31, 2017, Node 2 was very good. It would allow you to stream services or files at Hi-Res or CD quality. But on Feb 1, Tidal started to stream MQA- and the lid blew off!

Node 2 has an MQA decoder on board. MQA is the best thing to happen to hi-fi since… EVER?

MQA files are sent to you via the web “folded up.” When you play them through the Node 2, Node 2 “unfolds them.” It has an MQA deocder on board. Permit me this ridiculous analogy. The files are sent to you DRY, Node 2 adds water to make them grow to fruition.

The sonic improvement when listening to MQA is noticeable and impressive. In a fine system, it’s quite jaw dropping. To NOT have MQA in your system as of Feb 1, is to ignore the best source material we’ve ever had.

Further, Node 2 will play Hi-Res and CD files you’ve saved on your computer. Sonos will only do 16bit. That’s fine. But Bluesound leaves Sonos in the dust sonically!

What’s crazy is, you can get this CHEAP. The Node 2 is only $500. Tidal runs $20 per month. Normally when we have earth shaking technology bumps in our biz, the first wave price is crazy. Node 2 is a slam dunk!

Node 2 has analog outs- which is what you’ll use to play MQA. Node 2 also has digital outs.
So if you have a fancy DAC you love, you can run digital out (MQA won’t be decoded though) into your DAC for less than MQA info.

There is no reason you shouldn’t buy one from us!
>8.7 x 1.8 x 5.7 in, 2.5lbs<