Dave’s Faves – Bryston Middle T

Bryston Middle T Speakers, $6240pr

Bryston Middle T pr. Cherry
Bryston introduced its Model T speaker at Thanksgiving 2012. The Model T ($8685pr was an immediate hit. It redefined speaker performance at its price point the day it came out. Its full, rich sound and ability to hit higher SPLs without compression made everyone else in that range sound wimpy.

It didn’t take long for Bryston to follow up the Model T with the MIDDLE T. Middle T is in all ways, shapes and forms, just a scaled back Model T. Middle T isn’t lesser quality. It is lesser quantity. Middle T lands near that magic $6k per pair price point.

Middle T was wisely created to give you T-like performance with smaller stature. Height is only 39.5 inches. It sounds prodigious but looks downright domestic. You have no idea looking at this moderate sized tower that it’s a lion ready to roar! Any number of $800-1500pr towers are more intrusive in your room. Width is 10.5, depth is 16.5, both the same as Model T. It weighs in at 81 pounds which hints at the muscle you can expect to feel.

Middle T uses two of the massive 8” woofers that Model T uses. Model T has three- in a much taller cabinet. Middle T uses one of the Bryston 4” mids, and one of Bryston’s Titanium tweeters. Model T uses two of each. As you can infer, the quality is identical. Only the driver count has dropped.

Bryston felt literally everything out there sounded “compressed” compared to LIVE MUSIC, the ultimate reference. Hence in coming out with its own speakers, Bryston felt DUTY ONE was to deliver a large image with lifelike bass and dynamics. Middle T fills the bill and it’s not a beast to fit in your living room.

Most impressively, the Middle T produces authoritative bass, and does so with definition. Most speakers that produce prodigious bass aren’t very articulate. Perhaps the Middle T’s greatest strength is that it has loads of bass and remains taut and accurate in the process. This is most easily heard in drum kits, grand piano and stand up bass. Most impressive!

Middle T produces an expansive, effortless stage. The bass impact is strong, and the speakers always feel like they’re coasting. Model T sounds bigger. But if you don’t have it next to Middle T…

Brystons let a Steinway sound like a Steinway. The timbre is not BRIGHT. The timbre is very neutral to my ears. This is coming from a guy who plays a grand piano every day. Many speakers that get fancy reviews in the audio rags sound like they’ve got a smile curve built in- they are tilted fat & sharp.

How did Bryston accomplish this level of quality at this price point? Bryston commissions Axiom, a Canadian speaker company an hour down the road, to build the speakers under their design. Bryston created the design and funded the manufacture of its drivers. Axiom provided assistance in the manufacturing efficiency- they have an interest in the speakers selling well too of course! Axiom already had the tools, facility and employees. Bryston speakers help keep the parts and labor moving. Bryston didn’t have to purpose-build a speaker manufacturing facility, which would cost a bundle, take a lot of space and additional employees. It’s win-win for both companies. When you look at most competitors, what they do is… BUY DRIVERS from various vendors and screw them into a box of their own planning. Since Bryston is involved in the creation of the speakers from scratch, we prefer their game plan for building great speakers of high value!

In the ever competitive price range of around $5k per pair, Middle T is on the top rung of the ladder with precious little competition.