Isotek Mains Conditioners Purify!

I want you to buy an Isotek Mains Conditioner from us. Isotek will make your music sound clearer and protect you from line spikes. Mostly, Isotek will IMPROVE YOUR SOUND. You read that correctly. It’s a promise.

Isotek Conditioners isolate EACH product in the bar. Unlike the “other guys”- Isotek isolates EACH outlet. There is no cross contamination from connected components. The other guys invariably have one protection device that protects from the wall. But all the products plugged into those bars cross contaminate each other.

Isotek Conditioners also knock out RFI from cell phones, WIFI and other household appliances. Most of the other guys don’t touch this form of interference.

Mains Noise Analyzer Tests

We’re going to use our Mains Noise Analyzer to show you what’s happening. The analyzer reads out distortion levels in parts per thousand. A lousy signal will read MAX, or a very high number. You’ll hear the “honeybees” as well.

Video 1: This is straight out of the wall. Nasty, eh?


Video 2: This is what comes out of your basic $20 surge bar. No different.

Video 3: Now the fun begins. This is the Isotek Polaris, $500 (price includes Initium power cable). You can see & hear we’re making a nice dent in the distortion.

Video 4: This is the Isotek Solus, $1000 (price includes Initium power cable).

Video 5: This is the Isotek Aquarius, $2000 (price includes a Premier power cable).
All you see & hear is ZERO!


Good Numbers Help, But They’re Not The Whole Story

The way almost all conditioners work, unlike Isotek, is that they filter distortion BUTTTT- they impede current in the process. Isotek conditioners don’t impede current, so they don’t QUASH your sound while filtering out the distortion.

Most conditioners will diminish distortion to SOME degree, but like a water filter letting water pass through a sieve slowly, they CURRENT LIMIT, kill your system’s dynamics, and mush up the bass.

Isotek Conditioners filter distortion without limiting current. You can HEAR the benefits of cleaner sound at all frequencies. It is immediately noticeable in cleaner/tighter bass.


>>>                                             Polaris $500                                   Solus $1000                                     Aquarius $2000                                   Sigmas $4000
# of Outlets                                6                                                         6                                                          6                                                               6
Amps                                         10                                                       10                                                        16                                                             16
Amount of  rejection                30dB                                                 45                                                        60                                                            75
Cable included                           Initium                                             Initium                                              Premier                                                  Premier

Power Cables

Isotek makes detachable power cables too. They also make a noticeable improvement over the generic black cables that come with your gear.

Premier runs $150. It runs virtually pure copper with a slight rotational twist to diminish RFI. The dielectric is Teflon. The pins are gold plated. Premier provides more information than Initium.

Initium runs $100. It starts like the Premier but uses Polyethylene as the dielectric and the pins are nickel plated. Initium will provide a noticeable step up from your standard black cables!

Syncro $2200

Syncro is Isotek’s state of the art power cable. With active circuitry, you run it from the wall into any of the above conditioners and just shake your head at the improvement in clarity. It’s just nuts!

I never thought any power cable could make the kind of improvement that this does. It’s like going from a nice, mid priced amp, to a Bryston!