IsoTek Systems

Isotek is an English company, specializing in Power Conditioners and Power Cables that they manufacture in Europe. The goal of Isotek is not to just provide surge protection, but to provide IMPROVED SOUND for your hi-fi or AV system.
There are two main sources of noise that muddle up your AC.
Differential Mains noise is debris caused by all electronic appliances connected in your house. That includes TV, microwave, phone chargers, anything that plugs in.
Common mains noise is debris caused by RFI, interference you can’t see. We all have such debris from cell phones, wifi and other sources.
Job one is eliminating these sources of noise.
All of the Isotek conditioners deal with both issues, eliminating Differential and Common Mains noise. Most importantly, Isotek does this without squashing the dynamics of your sound.

Separate Isolation

With Isotek power conditioners, no two outlets are wired together (even Polaris) and once you get to Aquarius, each outlet has its own dedicated filter network. This eliminates cross contamination of your components’ power supplies and delivers equal power delivery and resistance to each outlet.
The other guys… strap all outlets together. Each outlet will be negatively effected by the other devices that are plugged in… this is even common practice on very expensive models.
Each component’s power supply creates noise, especially on switch mode PSUs. Cross contamination between components masks micro dynamic detail and harmonics. The effect of cross contamination is more deleterious than the noise coming from the wall. This is a serious design flaw that nearly every other manufacturer overlooks. All you need to do is listen.


Isotek uses high quality parts and only as many as are needed. Their circuit designs are beautifully laid out using the shortest signal paths possible and proven engineering principles such as star grounding. Its noise filtration increases dynamic range and doesn’t impede current. That’s why your system will sound more dynamic plugged into an Isotek.
The other guys…stuff their boxes with lots of junction points, low cost/low quality parts and materials and complicated circuit layouts. This often creates more problems than it solves. You get higher impedance and lower current delivery resulting in a flat, boring sound. It also means each outlet will have different current delivery and different resistance. This leads to compromised performance for the components that get plugged in to the “worst” outlet.


The other guys… use a single large MOV for surge protection. While this can take the initial impact it will still let some of the surge through to your components. It also tends to squash your system’s ability to reproduce macro dynamics because it is too heavy handed.
Isotek uses a more reliable sequential array of specialized VDRs to protect equipment from the over voltage while not effecting audio quality.

IsoTek Aquarius

Aquarius $1995

Aquarius is a 6 outlet Mains Conditioner than can improve the best of systems. With stronger protection and higher current capability than its smaller brothers, Aquarius is the sweet spot in the line and can fit in the best of systems, Bryston, Mac, whatever! It provides a blacker background, cleaner mid and high level information, and stronger, more controlled bass. It is ideal for monster power amps including monoblocks.


IsoTek Solus

Solus $995

Solus is a 6 outlet Mains Conditioner and and is a noticeable step up in performance from Polaris. It comes in a component width chassis to place with your other gear. It does everything Polaris does, but to a greater degree, resulting in better audio performance and flexible placement.


IsoTek Polaris

Polaris $495

Polaris is a 6 Outlet Bar that will improve your sound quality at a modest price. Each outlet is wired independently to the power conditioner network and surge protection circuit. Polaris provides serious surge protection in the process. The audio improvement is clearer sound, with deeper, tighter bass. It’s a real bargain for under $500 and the perfect starting point for improving your system’s performance.

Power Cables

Some people think power cables don’t make a difference. You will believe otherwise when you
hear Isotek cables! Isotek uses 6N copper and high quality connectors.

IsoTek Initium

Initium $100

14g power cable with 6N Copper conductors within a poly dielectric. Connectors are made of nickel. Initium will make an upgrade in your sound!


IsoTek Premier

Premier $150

Premier is the power cable you really want. For $50 more it is a 14g cable with silver plated 6N Copper within a Teflon dielectric. Connectors are gold plated. Premier smokes traditional black power cables and YES, you can hear the difference!

Here’s a great video on the product!