McIntosh Music System

McIntosh Music System $45,880

McIntosh is among the most hallowed names in the annals of audio gear.
Noted for large presentation, smooth sound and great reliability, here’s a wonderful Mac music system we’ve chosen for your consideration!

McIntosh MCD-550
McIntosh MCD-550 SACD/CD Player
With the ability to spin state of the art SACDs, or your Red Book CDs, Mac’s MCD-550 is as good a spinner as there is. It all starts with the source!
Preamp:McIntosh C-50
McIntosh MC-50 Solid State Preamp
MC-50 has phono MM/MC on board and an 8 band EQ to dial in the sound you like, in your room.

Power Amp:McIntosh MC-452

McIntosh MC-452 Solid State Amp, 450w/ch
MC-452 is Mac’s Quad Balanced stereo amp. It’s essentially two power amps on one chassis, one for each side of the wave form. What a beast!
Speakers:McItosh XR-200
McIntosh XR-200 Towers
Featuring a full testosterone design, each tower incorporates three massive 8” cast frame woofers, Twelve 2” mids & Seven 1” tweeters.

We suggest you link it up a fine array of Kimber Kables, as we have= $1880
Disc Player to Preamp: Kimber Hero XLR, 1m $210
Preamp to Power Amp: Kimber Hero XLR, 1m $210
Power Amp to Speakers: Kimber Monocle XL, two 6′ runs with terminations $1460