Middle Weight Power Amp Champ!

Emotiva A-300 $400 (150×2)


We would consider a Middle Weight Power Amp, about 100 w/ch in stereo. There are a number of fine contenders in this region. Which one should you buy?

You should buy the Emotiva A-300 for $400. It produces 150×2 into 8 ohms (.02% THD) and doubles into 4 ohms. With good sized transformer (400w) and 8 output transistors, it is RIGHT THERE with the other guys that charge closer to $1000.

Emotiva A-300 Top
All of these are nice power amps. There isn’t a dog in the bunch. But when you assess what you get for your money, Emo wins the battle.

Each of these amps use:
A nice toroidal transformer
Some use 4 output transistors, some use 8. Emo uses 8.
Some have slightly bigger caps than the others, but they’re all in the same neighborhood.
All have a strong damping factor over 500.
All weigh within a few of pounds of each other.
All are made with minimal amounts of spaghetti inside- yet Emo has the least.
All have vanishing low levels of distortion. Emo measures as low as the lowest.
All are legit manufacturers available through dealer networks for support.
None are made in a basement and sold only Internet direct-with high probability of leaving the customer SOL some day.
Warranties vary. You can weigh those vs price.

We have heard all these amps. Having been in biz since 1977, we’ve sold some of them new, and had our hands on all the others via trades. All have attributes. It’s a very competitive sonic field. There isn’t a hands down, slam dunk winner in terms of musical performance.

I’ll go so far as to predict, if we had a dozen listeners audition these four amps, each would win three votes. That’s how close it is.

YET… as I pointed out above, only ONE of these is HALF THE PRICE OF THE OTHERS!

OH, if you really do want to spend a grand on a power amp, don’t stop with a middle weight. Skip straight to the bottom of the list!

Emotiva A-300 $400 (3 year warranty)
150×2, 8 ohms
300×2, 4 ohms

Adcom GFA-555ms $900 (2 year warranty)
125×2, 8 ohms
200×2, 4 ohms

Parasound A23 $1000 (5 year warranty)
125×2, 8 ohms
225×2, 4 ohms

Rotel RB-1552MkII $1300 (5 year warranty)
120×2, 8 ohms
200×2, 4 ohms

Best $1000 Power Amp!

300×2 8 ohms
550×2 4 ohms
800×2 2 ohms
Five year warranty