New NAD Integrated Amps!

NAD has just updated its line of integrated amps. They’re dubbed Hybrid Digital. NAD has changed course from prior integrateds. They are now including features a lot of us demand.

For example, all three NADs have outstanding DACs, MM phono stages & Blue Tooth.

Both C368 and C388 accept MDC modules, one of which is BluOS. The module runs $400
and provides Bluesound streaming technology which INCLUDES played Hi-Res files and hot
off the presses, MQA Streaming to provide state of the art source content!

The DAC sounds superb! Run virtually any CD player or Sonos type device into one of these DACs and the sonic improvement is sure to impress! NAD provides a new level of clarity, not unlike pulling a smoked layer of plastic off your TV screen.

If you like to stream music, running digital into an NAD integrated to appreciate the on board DAC is a can’t miss step up in detail and dynamic contrast.

The phono section features precisely accurate RIAA equalization AND A SUBSONIC RUMBLE FILTER. This dramatically minimizes annoying record rumble, and assures that your power will be used for playing music, not amplifying the KER-THUMP of record warp. If you’re a vinyl guy, NAD performs well above its similarly priced competition in this genre.

As always with NAD, patented PowerDrive circuitry is built in. PowerDrive provides enormous jumping ability for peak demands. While most amps out there have trouble hitting their rated power, NADs can DWARF their rated RMS power to deliver astounding crescendos. NADs hang in there and are under control for percussive attacks, for example, while the other guys distort, dim lights or even shut down when you ask them to get up and dance.

NADs are comfortable with tough impedances, whether you show them challenging speakers or even two pairs of speakers. A lot of amps are limited in the speakers they can drive and shut down
when you add another room.

NAD has taken its strong suit, class leading horse power, and upped its game by adding salient features that make sense for most of us. If you’re looking for a great amp and under $2k, please consider the new NADs!

NAD C388 $1600: 150×2 (1000w peak!)



NAD C368 $900: 80×2 (600w peak)



NAD C338 $650: 50×2 (200w peak)